Do you charge for a sit?

Hello fellow sitters…l’m a newbie here as well as house/pet sitting. l want to charge a small amount each day, not a free sitting…locally to start and then expand.
Can l ask how many of you charge for a sit,… l’m not travelling, but my love for animals and a different scenery now and again is enough for me.
Thanks for any replies, l do appreciate it.

THS is designed as a free exchange. You are not permitted to ask for payment. I have seen other sites that do allow people to charge a daily fee such as Housesitters America.

You will likely be reported for asking any owners for money via THS. There have been a few recent threads about that you might want to have a look at. There are other platforms that allow or are based on charging models. In those situations the platform usually takes a cut. On THS, it’s strictly free sitting.

Hello @Bindydog are you a paid member of THS?
If so, you would have gotten the policies…

This is from THS:

"We enable pet parents to connect with care-oriented sitters who will sit for free in exchange for the chance to spend time with some wonderful pets and for free accommodation."


@Bindydog you sound like a lovely person and genuinely like pets. I do hope you haven’t already joined and paid, thinking you can charge for your services :pray:

Unfortunately Trusted Housesitters is not the platform for you as charging money, no matter how small, is 100% against the terms and conditions of the site. You WILL be reported for requesting money at some stage and will be warned and/or removed from THS.

This is, as others have mentioned, a fair exchange and no money changes hands and there are other platforms that allow you to charge. Unfortunately THS is definitely not one of them.


@Bindydog for paid house sitting you will have to sign up to a different platform such as rover.

Sitters on Trusted House Sitters are not permitted to charge any fee . They also pay their own travel expenses to the sit .

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