How does it work? Do you pay sitters?

Hi All,
I’m new to the site and just spoke with a potential sitter who is great and we hit it off. She is also new to the site and asked me how much a daily rate i’m comfortable with. I was surprised because I was under the assumption (surprised also) that you only pay TrustedHousesitters your annual fee and the exchange is the reciprocity.

I want to be fair and do this right but someone who applied also told me his daily rate. How does this all work? I already had a pet sitter I paid, and joined this site thinking it was a different way.

please advise if you know or have experience here,
thanks so much!

noooo. that is a big no. sitters are not to charge and if people are asking you for payment, you should report them to the site. Maybe refer them to the FAQ which makes it very clear that no payment is made to sitters.


Hey there thanks so much for quickly responding. They’re also new to the site so i dont think they knew. The woman is still having her references uploaded so she is very new. I’m grateful for the confirmation! thank you

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Good luck. Sorry that this was your intro to the site. Hopefully they’ll take some time to read the rules they agreed to follow and they weren’t counting on this being an income stream.

Actually I have to roll my eyes for the sitter not knowing this. Before I become a member and pay the fee I read what it’s about. If she wants to make money with pet sitting she has to look somewhere else.
Good for you that you asked for confirmation.

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HI @stephanie.bogie as members have already advised, without exception, sitters with TrustedHousesitters do not charge for pet and house sitting. The ethos behind our community is a fair value exchange, a win win win … the third win being a loud one from the pets. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have been approached for payment by sitters during pre sit discussions, please advise our Membership Services Team and they will connect with those members and explain exactly how TrustedHousesitters works.

I see you have confirmed your sitter for Bogie which is great, you can now complete and share the Welcome Guide and begin pre sit communication so that everyone is well prepared and by doing so you’ll begin to develop your relationship with the sitter.

A successful sit is all about good communication.

If you need any help or guidance the community is a good place to come, also there are many excellent articles on the website blog

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


The cynic in me says that there are sitters who really are ‘trying it on’. Others who have signed up and paid as sitters not having read and / or fully understood the small print.
What a nasty shock they’re going to have when they are rebuffed after asking for money.
However, it’s not rocket science: I do so hope home owners report these rogue ‘sitters’.