How house sitting works

Good afternoon,
I am new in the community, and to the house sitting at all. It looks interesting, and fit my will to travel and remote working.
Sorry for this question, but I didn’t get how it works for the payment. There isa fee to pay to the website by the house sitter, but how much the house sitter will be paid? Nothing (will just use the accomodation), a fixed amount per day, an agreement with the house owner…
Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Hi Claufio,

Welcome. Once you join the site, there are no more fees. The sitters stay for free.

There is a good help section that has a lot of answers to questions you might have. There used to be a FAQ that was helpful but I can’t seem to find the link now.

Have a good day!

Hi @CreatureCuddler FYI the FAQ section

Home Page search bar top right hand corner HELP

Yeah, I tried using that the other day to find info but none of my searches gave me what I was looking for. Then I stumbled across a link to what is likely the old FAQ page and that was super helpful and answered exactly what I was looking for.

ETA: found it again. This is the page I found helpful but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get to it:

Hello @Claufio - Both house sitters and homeowners pay an annual fee to join trusted housesitters - The sitter then is not paid any cash to sit.
They are sitting in exchange for living in the owners home - it is a win-win fair exchange

@CreatureCuddler you are correct there used to be a FAQ link in the footer

@Claufio Hello and welcome. I agree with the comments made so far, but you should also realize that almost all sits come with one or more pets to care for. As a sitter, that is your primary responsibility, although of course the home should be kept secure and respected for cleanliness and care.

Before considering becoming a member, you should be honest with yourself as to whether you are willing to, and capable of, caring for the pets.