Daily fee

As a new THS member I was quite surprised when at a pre sit meeting the potential sitter brought up the daily fee.

I was led to believe by another sitter who I spoke to by phone that THS should not ask for payment.

A bit confused, almost feel a bit hoodwinked as pre sit meeting was in my home. Whilst I don’t mind paying for the right person I equally don’t know if I have been set up.

Any advice greatly received.

Sitters do not get paid. That is against the whole ethos of this site. It is a mutual exchange. Win, win for both parties

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Hi Dgrowl…… I would draw this to the attention of member services as there is no payment due and if a sitter is asking for one that would be in beach of their membership as far I understand it… I will tag @Angela-CommunityManager @Vanessa-Admin

This site is designed as an exchange and sitters here are supposed to be offering their services for free. She should not be asking you for money.

HI @Dgrowl please communicate this to the Membership Services Team also Direct Message me as sitters with TrustedHousesitters do not charge, it is the policy and ethos of our TrustedHousesitters community.

I’m sorry it’s left you feeling insecure and “hoodwinked” this should not have happened.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Sounds like the sitter might have been trying it on … especially if you had declared it was your first experience of THS. How disappointing that there are sitters registered with THS who have enough front to try this.