Why so many Xmas sits in Greater London

I noticed there are just over 80 Xmas sits open for sitters in Greater London alone. That seems an awful lot to me. Was there equal amount last year?

I noticed that too. Further, If you search just ‘London, United Kingdom’ there’s almost double that.

My guess is they want to escape their winter! Same in the US & Canada at this time of the year, so if you like the snow or cold, heaps to choose from. I spent last year in Canada & had my first white Xmas. Loved it, but now I’ve done it, don’t need to do another one!


It feels like a lot of new homeowners too (although I’m fairly new myself so can’t tell if it’s abnormal). Hopefully it’ll mean more of those desirable London sits available over the rest of the year if they decide to continue using the site!

And 14 in Berlin!

A dozen in Amsterdam. Seven in Brussels.

Yes, I’m looking for a sit before Christmas, not over Christmas. But I’ve noticed quite a few Christmas sits in desirable locations currently getting re-advertised. Like, there’s one sit in Berlin over the holidays which I’ve now seen being relisted multiple times. Quite surprising that they can’t find someone. Usually those cities go very fast!

In my experience sitting and socially, a LOT of folks from the UK go to France for the winter holidays. In general, they’re getting to warmer areas or have family on The Continent.

A few weeks ago we applied to 10 sits across Berlin, Athens, Brussels, Munich, and Amsterdam. Got almost zero response, 3 declined with no message and 5 that sat in review for 2-5 weeks. Finally confirmed a sit and withdrew our app with the non-responders.
Hopefully these owners learn and post earlier next year, the odds are not in their favor.

@CoolCatAunt My applications are also kept dangling. A sit close by in Denmark, starting on Monday! And a Christmas sit in Amsterdam that I had applied for two months ago.

But where I want to go now is the north of Sweden, to see the aurora. So preferably further north than Stockholm, but I think I should start applying to the Stockholm area soon.


Probably for skiing

There are a few sits in far northern Norway that come up occasionally. We took the train up there last year for just that reason (no sit, alas), and would return in a heartbeat.


@richten1 when I search Greater London I see 160 “Christmas sits” - and for London 251 sits.

Hi @Silversitters
I just realised I was only searching with the ‘cats’ filter so you’re right there’s a whole load more without filters.

I live near London but out of curiosity, I checked a few of those listings. I can see several patterns:

  1. The sitting is so far from real London that nobody local would call that “London”. Given our constant issues with train strikes, the sitters could be stuck in a suburb for the whole sitting

  2. If the pet is a dog, there’s not enough time in the day to go into London. They can’t be alone that long

  3. Accommodation in London is very expensive so a lot of people live in tiny flats, often quite old., I’ve seen a few listings where the apartment looks crowded in the pictures- the kind of place where there isn’t a spare hanger for the sitters’ clothes. Not very appealing

  4. They’ve left it a bit late and sitters cannot get cheap flights anymore

  1. Some sittings are listed to end on 25/12 or 26/12- both days with no public transport in Greater London. Unless the sitter has arrived by car, they won’t be able to leave

Yes, the public transport shut down was a problem for me when I did a holiday time London sit. To have to leave ON Christmas is also just not very nice (IMHO).

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Hi @Katie
They do major works over Xmas as it’s he quietest time to do such. There are replacement buses even if they take much longer.

Buses and trains will not be working on Christmas Day.If the sitting finishes on 25/12, the realistic only option is driving

Hi @SalomeL
You are right that very little runs on Xmas itself. There are a few national express buses that run to heathrow and gatwick.

This has worried me - what will these pet owners do if they don’t get a sitter? Surely catteries & kennels etc will already be full.
I’m wondering if these are pets acquired during lockdown, and now the owners are discovering this extra side of the responsibility.
The BBC news website has an article today about how rescue centres are getting inundated.
P.S. I’m already sitting over Christmas so can’t help any of those still looking