WiFi pet cameras

I think I would have contacted the owners, unplugged them, and let THS know asap. You have the right to privacy. Also, curious if it was in the U.S. and if so what state. In some states it is illegal to have video and/or audio recording without two-party consent.

Security Camera Laws, Rights, and Rules | SafeWise.

@Marcus I now make a point of asking the owners to confirm on the TrustedHousesitters messaging system that they do not have any interior monitoring devices. I then expect their response to also be done the same way. If not, I would ask them to kindly add their response to the messaging system. Your tone in writing can be both friendly and yet businesslike. If anyone takes offence, they may have something to hide. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Has anyone had any experience of Furbo, a remote dog treat feeder with a camera?

I have just secured a sitting where the owner states that she has internal cameras which she will show us and switch off.

She then states that she has a Furbo which allows them to send treats to their dogs from an app and they can see them.
She would like to be able to keep it in an agreed upon spot.

I have never heard of a Furbo so had a look on YouTube. It does seem to be a camera with 360 vision over a particular room. This to me looks and sounds just like another form of camera.
She did say she would switch it off if it is a deal breaker.

I feel inclined to tell her that it must be switched off as it is still breaking the Code of Conduct but would appreciate any observations from the Forum before I do that

Furbo has video and the user can manually activate recording. The recording sticks for a day and during that time the user can download the video and potentially keep it indefinitely. Otherwise, the video disappears.

In the strictest sense, it’s a recording device, so presumably isn’t allowed under THS terms. Of course, you can decide for yourself whether you make an exception, since THS doesn’t know whether there’s a device unless you report it.

Personally, I don’t have issues with a device like Furbo, as long as it’s declared ahead of time, so the sitter makes an informed choice. Furbo is usually left in the open, so the human can talk to their pet and see them. If I agreed to having one during a sit, I might specify when it could be used and/or where. Like if it’s a roomier home and there’s a room I won’t be using (much), I don’t care. Like right now, I’m on a sit where there’s a formal living room and other rooms where I never go. Of course, the dog would have to go there to make the Furbo useful.

I’ve also offered at times to show a pet on video under my control, like via WhatsApp or such. But that’s at my convenience, because of time zones and when I telecommute.

I cannot imagine why an owner would not switch it off. That is just common decency.

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I would definitely tell her it needs to be off. Remind her that she doesn’t need it as she has you there to dispense treats and take pictures.
Don’t forget that even if you are out of view of a camera it can still hear everything that is said.

Thanks @Maggie8K for this information
Thanks also to @pietkuip and @cawosey for your insight

I have just written telling her it is outside the Code of Practice and must be switched off and reminded her that I will be sending photos and videos via Whasapp.

It will be interesting to understand her reasoning when we actually meet

@Itchyfeet Please be sure she agrees – before you arrive – to have no video or audio devices active when you’re there. Whether it’s furbo or anything else.

These devices are against THS rules and common decency. Not to mention a clear invasion of an individual’s privacy.

Don’t worry about me @KenandMary1998

I am a great advocate for having many aspects of the Code of Conduct in writing before I commit to any sittings