Will my cats want me home?!

I’m currently away from home having booked sitters for 2 months. They are excellent sitters and are sending me some lovely photos.
I think my cats have fallen in love with the sitters! This is what THS is all about: having that reassurance that your pets are happy while you are away. These sitters will be getting a glowing review unless something really unexpected arises!


They will still love you when you get home. Your home still smells like you and time passes differently for them, so they’ll be fine. But I honestly believe that in some way they understand and are grateful that great people were there to take care of them.


I did a 7 week sit, and the owner told me her cat’s were sulking when she got back, but they came round in a few days.

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I’ve had hosts who’ve expressed similarly. I tell them I’m just a temp and there’s no replacement for them.

Animals respond to love and kindness. It’s great that they can get that from even temps, but they tend to live in the present and move on. That’s why you’ll see happy pets that have been rescued from even horrible circumstances and have recovered.


My most frequent sitter is a young woman who lived with us for a few months when she first got out of college. When I pick her up she looks back and forth between us and clearly doesn’t want to choose. We are both her people and I love that she is so attached to Claire.

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