The Look of Love 🐾❤️

Do the Pets we care for actually fall in love with us ?:heart::grinning:
As Sitters we all know we fall in love with the pets we care for, they become like our own for sure don’t they!
But do we think they fall in love with us??

Just the looks they give you (this pic is Flossy staring at Jonathan with love in her eyes​:heart_eyes::grinning:).
Do you find yourself saying “omg we love these pets so much” and “do you think they think we are their owners now?”……we do all the time .

Pretty sure it’s one of the best feelings - winning their love and another aspect that makes us love this house/pet sitting journey of ours.


So adorable Julie, a picture really does say a thousand words :heart: :camera:

Over the years and with the many pets I’ve cared for I always feel they are my pet and I am their person, often bonding as if we’ve been together for life and the magic happens again when and if we return, which is often, but only until their REAL person walks back into their life and that’s exactly how it should be.

I cry most every time I leave and have had owners say the their pet really misses me and has wandered the house looking to see where I am, which always tugs at my heart but I know in a little while it will be “Thanks Mum & Dad for finding that lovely hooman while you went away, but I’m really glad you are home”

That’s why we do what we do and what make this life and our community so very special … it’s all about the animals.

Thank you for a lovely share and big love to Flossy, although she seems to only have eyes for Jonathan :dog: :heart: :slightly_smiling_face:

Sharing one of my many moments with the adorable Izzy …


Hi Angela, that’s the absolute truth. We often say - ‘we’re never going to meet a pet we love more’… until the next pet :joy::paw_prints::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And that’s a super snuggly pic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: that kitty couldn’t look more content with you.


Every sit we do with dogs, on our first walk, Ian ALWAYS says … “Isn’t it amazing how these dog(s), didn’t know us a few hours ago and now totally trust that we are going to love and care for them”.

Dogs are particularly awesome in this respect and I think they sense those that love them, and so give themselves wholeheartedly to their new temporary owners. But other animals do this too. I never tire of seeing that exchange, that bond and that love. This was the last sentence on our latest review… “Our pets seem to prefer Vanessa and Ian to us!!” And I’ve seen that on reviews of other sitters too, so often, and I think it’s because we, like you and many house sitters, give those pets so much love and attention, our time together on a house sit is very special for everyone.

Here’s the “look of love” picture I never tire of seeing… on a housesit in Nicaragua. Tabitha is sadly no longer with us :frowning:


I have got on really well with every dog I have cared for over my 3 years of house sitting, I think it is 47 in total now.
However one, in particular, stands out, and he wasn’t on a house sit, but daycare I did back in December last year, for one day in my own home.

He arrived about 9 am, and was instantly my best buddy - which was great as he was a large Doberman, about 18 months old and the size of a small horse !!

It was just the best day for ages.

I don’t understand why 2 of these are sideways !!


Aww that’s so lovely to read and great photos :paw_prints::heart_eyes:

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Aww that’s definitely a Look of Love that Tabatha is giving Ian :heart::paw_prints::heart_eyes:. The pets we all care for must have the ability to quickly tell themselves…. ‘ok my mum and dad aren’t here with me but these are lovely kind people that seem to like being with me so I’m ok :grinning::paw_prints::heart:


True Puppy Love!



Maybe he was just being nice, but on one of my very first sits, the HO noted in the review that the cat and dog searched for me for a week after I’d left.


Hi Maryse , omg I love those photos. aww those big soppy loving doggies cannot get close enough :grinning::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::heart_eyes: and she looks a sweetie giving you a great ‘you are a very special hooman to me’ look :heart_eyes:

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I think they do fall in love with us, definitely. My long-time charge, Colby definitely loves me.

Here he is hiding from the new puppy (I am home base)

And here’s my current girl - a pit bull named Ripley, who MUST sleep with me in the bed, often on the other pillow like a person.


Aww they are adorable doggos :paw_prints::paw_prints::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I was sitting with Bernard, the tan pug and we went to Magnuson dog park in Seattle. Mabel, the young black pug jumped up on my lap to join us. Not sure whether she loved me or Bernard, who wasn’t too interested in her.


Aww he must have sensed you were a kindly animal lover with a comfy lap :paw_prints::paw_prints::heart_eyes:

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I read a good article about dogs and love recently which talks about research around dogs indeed falling in love, and faster/easier than people do. It’s also not limited to people, they can bond with lots of other species. The article didn’t address cats, but I’m guessing it’s similar with them, but impacted a bit by the fact that they don’t naturally have pack social structures.


Hi @Roger welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing this very good article, which I have also posted in the All About Pets category.

The cat question is also an interesting one.

Thank you for joining in the conversation and we hope that we see more of you here on the forum.

Angela & The Team

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Hi Roger, ahh we remember seeing that article at some point and couldnt lay our hands on it, thank you so much for sharing it for us to read again. It is a great article. Yes, cats behave/show their affection a little differently but their snuggling and nuzzling up says everything doesnt it. Sometimes we have received ‘that special gaze’ from a cat, haha!
Welcome to the Forum, I noticed it was your first post!
Happy Friday!

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We were just joking that we call the pets by their names and they respond, but they don’t know our names, nor do they care. :slight_smile:

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