Your March Forum Roundup - Who Is User Of The Month?

So, what has the community been discussing this month? We’re glad you asked. From a conversation about long-term sits to one member’s discovery of what it really means to live like a local (and in the Caribbean, no less!), this month our forum was abuzz with interesting chats and thought-provoking insights - but you’ll have to read on to find out more! So, get comfy, grab yourself a drink, and enjoy our latest Community Forum round-up.

Read all the news here :point_down:


Well done and heartfelt congratulations to all the wonderful people who have contributed so well to making this space and what we do so special.


The Forum round-up article is a great read. Thanks to the THS team for putting it together and congrats to @BlueDiamondRose for being selected as a member of the month.


What a wonderful break down of everything happening in the forum. I just joined this month and have been head over heels in love with this community and all the thoughtful discussions happening. I find myself spending hours of time just reading through and taking in all the posts.