September 2021 Forum News - Our Top Contributor Revealed

Happy October 1st

Topic Of The Month - Just what were our members talking about?

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Category of the month - Clue: it’s seeing many changes

Top Contributor - Owner Member Dusenzofe, thank you for creating great community connections … PS You may have met Dusenzofe doing her “Real Job!” What is that?

Photo of the Month: This month, our Forum members shared so many special photos, that it was impossible to pick just one! So this month we’re highlighting our top three photos of the month…

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Have an amazing weekend


What a great blog post! It was a fun read with great photos and highlights.
I need to visit the blog more often, so many wonderful stories and tips.
Today I was feeling like I talk to much here and was going zip the lips but this made it difficult :grinning:

Congratulations and thank you for all your wonderful contributions @Düsenzofe, I will have to go and explore what you do when you remove your home and pet sitting attire.

Surprised and honored to have also been mentioned and quoted. I really do love this community and yeah, love is my word of choice. :blue_heart: :heart_eyes_cat:
Very well done everyone who contributes daily it really does help all of us no matter where we are from, our backgrounds and/or our level of experience.
Sharing all of that is what makes us a better and stronger community of trusted house sitters.
All the best
Home and Pet Sitting Genie


Thanks for sharing the “September Forum News”, @Angela-HeadOfCommunity! I didn’t know that such a newsletter existed. As Amparo said, it was a fun read.


Thank you so much @Amparo :heart_eyes_cat:
There might be a clou what I do if you take a closer look at my profile picture :wink:


oh wow, then we may have met! That is my happy place!


:blush: and finally it’s picking up again! I missed traveling so much :cry:


Congratulations, @Düsenzofe for your very worthwhile comments being recognised on the forum.


Thank you very much :pray:t3::sparkling_heart: