Your September 2023 Forum Roundup

As the nights are drawing in as Autumn arrives in the Northern Hemisphere so the days are lengthening as Spring appears in the Southern Hemisphere and our members have been discussing a variety of topics including Topic Of The Month which is announcing the upcoming launch of our much anticipated new review system.

A big congratulations to our forum member and contributor of the month @Silversitters who’s always there to help forum members find answers to their questions :clap:t2:

Category Of The Month discusses “What makes a sit special?” - Owner member @Pgeiger began the thread saying:

“As a HO, I’m wondering what are the things that we can do to make a sit special? The pets and the house are basically out of our control at this point so I’m wondering what kinds of things we can do to make a sit more enjoyable. It is so wonderful knowing that our pets are being so well cared for while we are away so curious how we can make it a great experience for our sitters.”* @Pgeiger

In our Meet-up Gallery @Colin and @Danandnan met up in Brussels and shared a photo of them celebrating @Danandnan 40th Wedding Anniversary :tada:

Our members jumped to congratulate them, naturally:

Very happy faces and a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion in a great location. - Happy 40th Anniversary, @Danandnan - @Temba

A big thank you to everyone in the community for all of your posts and comments during September making it another great month! :blush:


@Samox24 - are you part of ‘Team Trusted’?

I know those people!


Thank you for sharing the September Round Up @Samox24 and for being a highly engaged member and great voluntary support to the Admin Team …

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Lovely article!
Congrats to all featured and quoted.
Thank you for sprinkling your goodness, funnies, successes and smiles.
Well done @Samox24