Greetings from Sequim,WA USA

We have been members for about 10 years and have met so many folks from many corners of the world. We have only had housesitters and have not done a house sit. Always great experiences


Hi @Pnurse a very warm welcome to our community Forum, it’s wonderful to have you join and thank you for being part of TrustedHousesitters for 10 years! In fact we celebrate out 10th anniversary this year and I also have been a part of this amazing community since the very beginning.

You must have some lovely stories to share and who are your furry family members who’ve hosted the sitter members, would love to “hear” from them also, pictures would be lovely.

It’s great to have you here and we can’t wait to get to know you and your furry family better.

Have a wonderful day,

Angela and #TeamTrusted

Wow, 10 years! As @Angela-CommunityManager said, you must have to many wonderful and interesting stories, along with a unique perspective. :blush:

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Hello @Pnurse, then as you’re an owner ( a minority here) please have a look on the owners topics, you may fill it with your own stories

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