Hello from Minnesota!

Hello! My name is Debbie and I have been a member of Trusted Housesitters for a couple of years but never quite got to my first sit! My husband and I have been busy the last few years getting our 3 kids off to college and taking care of our brood of pets. We have gone from 4 pets to one 13 year old dog in the past couple of years which has been so hard, but with just me, my husband and one dog, we are finally in a position to take on some sits (when we are not pet sitting our kids pets in our home. :slight_smile:

I am a high school teacher who works for an online public high school, so I work remotely. My husband is currently working remotely too. I am interested in hearing more from people who bring their own dogs on pet sits and would love to do that!

I love a good forum and look forward to meeting everyone!


Welcome Deb, it is a good forum even If members have different points of view (on feed backs, car available, money, confort, way of choosing a sit, gift to leave, reaction to an owner’s declining one’s application etc.)
Some are “professional sitters” sitting all year round, others like i are sitters and owners, many are very experienced sitters, some not at all.
Some questions are replied, others not…
Hard to welcome everybody since yesterday the group is bigger. We were a few testers, now the forum is in all members’ hands. Interesting.

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HI @Deb welcome to the forum and for being a member and part of our community for two years, I’m sure you will get your first sit when the time and opportunity are right. I’m sorry you’ve said goodbye to three of your furry family members, it is very hard as you say … now with the children off perhaps you’ll have more time for Mum & Dad to start a new adventure.

Enjoy all the conversations and connecting with other members, and picking up some valuable insights.

Angela & The Team