Hello from Oklahoma

I am a newby. I just joined TrustedHouesitters. I am 66 and have always had pets. Currently I have two cats and two dogs. They are all nine to ten years old and rescues. I have a lot of experience training dogs in an effort to make my household peaceful and manageable. I love to travel but I stay in the states or anywhere there are likely English speakers. I won’t be house sitting expecting to travel but getting to know areas and the people who live there. I do love the UK and would really like to travel there every year for as long as I’m able. So far I am active and love to hike and kayak. I am open to any suggestions on getting started, doing a good job on behalf of my hosts and learning to become one of the locals.



A big welcome @emjasjo to both TrustedHousesitters and the forum and what a lovely introduction. I’m sure your experience in dog training will (as well as being music to the ears of many potential sitters), be a great asset to your profile as you begin your house sitting adventures! We look forward to following your journey and wish you a happy time getting to know other members here in the community. You’ll find so much helpful info here in the various categories and posts, but also on the TrustedHousesitters blog. All the very best.