Your July 2023 Forum Roundup

The dog days of summer are in full swing over in the Northern Hemisphere, which means this Community Forum round-up’s hot off the press! As usual, our members have been chit-chatting away about all things house sitting, pets, and travel. We’ve had hot topics from solo female travelers to naming kids (trust us, it’s not what you think!), so without further ado, let’s dive into what our lovely Forum members have stirred up!

Congratulations to our contributor of the month @Maggie8K and also a big thank you for all of our other contributors and mentions:

@MissChef @Cleeflang @IHeartAnimals @Julie_A @CharitySitters @barbara.wood777 @Twitcher @MarieHuggins @Victory

As well as everyone in the community for all of your posts and comments during July making it another great month!

Make sure you do not miss the baby goats! @Victory did they get their names yet? :goat: :baby_bottle: :purple_heart: