Your Ultimate Guide To the Ever Popular, Australian Shepherd Dog!

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized pooches, born to work on farms and ranches. Shepherds by nature but Australian perhaps just by name (more on that later), Aussie dogs are energetic, fun-loving, and loyal companions.

Thinking of getting an Australian Shepherd, or already got one? Read on to find out more about Aussies, from how to look after them to where they actually came from.

What’s your experience of the Aussie Shepherd, do you have one in your family or have you ever sat with one?? … what makes them SO special (all dogs are of course) but just this once let’s be indulgent.

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We cared for this 8 month old beauty for 4 weeks and she kept us on our toes! It was like entertaining a toddler high on red cordial and lollies!! She was so intelligent for a youngster and very food motivated. She was challenging but we loved her to bits and enjoyed our time with her. Aussie Sheppards are a lot of fun so expect to be on the go with them as they are very high energy dogs.


One of my nephews has a few aussiedors which are a mix Australian Shepard and Labrador. Beautiful dogs full of energy. :heart_eyes: