Short & Curly, Long & Lean

Am having fun in our latest sit in Lake Macquarie, just north of Sydney. We are looking after a greyhound and a schnoodle…. and they couldn’t be more different. Having just finished up 9 weeks in Canada we weren’t desperate to have another break from our home-base but we heard of the owners through a greyhound rescue network, They had never left their “grey” after adopting her just over a year ago and yet they were keen to finally visit family in Europe after a 3 year Covid enforced travel hiatus. Greys can be tricky due to their lack of training as a pet, it takes time for them to settle in and can be reactive to other dogs. This grey, however, has settled in well, and, while she is not yet ready for the cafe scene, she has obviously blossomed under her owners’ care. We were able to help out due to our experience fostering two greyhounds during the Covid lockdowns. In this sit, once again we having ended up in an area we wouldn’t normally have visited. We’ve enjoyed exploring the local area with both dogs and learnt a bit about the history of the area which was first settled by the Awakabal people and then by Europeans in the early 19th century. I’ve brought my fishing kayak up here and have caught a few. The lake has many bays and 176km of shoreline.


What an awesome story thank you so much for sharing. I’d love to see a picture of the fur babies :heart_eyes: do you know the name of the rescue they adopted her from? And that is absolutely PAWtastic you have fostered in the past. Thank you for helping our furry friends in need :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dog: Happy travels!


Whoops- that sent before I could upload the photo. Still getting used to this forum.


Oh, and the grey was adopted from greyhoundrescue - the same organisation through which we fostered the two hounds during Covid lockdowns. They provide a great support network and rehome thousands of greys who have been surrendered /discarded from the (unfortunately) still legal dog racing industry.


What a wonderful rescue helping our furry friends in need. Thank you for sharing that. Those two pups are so adorable. How long did you foster your greyhounds? Did you stay in contact with the adopters?

I volunteer at The Animal Pad dog rescue in San Diego and have fostered for them as well. I love seeing my fosters go on to live their best life with their new families. This was the last rescue pup i fostered.

Trusted House Sitters helped us save this little guy. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity joined us on a rescue trip to Mexico where we found Holly, a very pregnant momma who gave birth to 13 puppies just days after we rescued her. The puppy we are holding is one of those pups :slight_smile: You can Read the full story here.

All puppies and momma Holly have been adopted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_heart::dog:


Bless you! I had a big old lump in my throat and a tear rolling down my cheek reading your story. That mumma pooch didn’t know that it was her luckiest day ever when she first saw you but I know she figured it out quickly. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::dog2:


Wow, yes, we’ve come to appreciate there are so many kindhearted people in the pet rescue community. We had our first foster greyhound for only 10 weeks and we follow him via my Instagram account. The woman who adopted him has done a fab job of continuing his training for pet life and obviously loves him dearly. We are often amused by the outfits she buys for him, and the little videos she posts of his antics. The next grey we fostered has taken a lot longer to find his forever home due to his extreme separation anxiety issues. We had him for six months and have fretted a bit more about his welfare. Yes, a bit of a risk with fostering. You get attached to them! The good news, however, is that he is now happily ensconced in a new adoptive home so we are hopeful his story will also have a happy result. Finger crossed! So the answer to your other question, about how long each foster lasts, is……it depends on many issues and, if an adoption fails, you are encouraged to have the dog returned to you if at all possible.