Newbie from Cheshire - hello!

My name is Helen and we own a rescue lab and rescue cat. Our lab is a nervous boy around other dogs and I would love to hear from any THS members as sitters or owners who have similar experiences. It’s really important to us that he is cared for by someone who understands the issues of a rescue dog. He is very lovable and adores human company. Excited to find a sitter and finally get out and about travelling again.


Good morning. A lot of people have dogs with some issues, like us. I has a dog in Australia had to go for a walk on the beach at 5 am. Before other dogs or people .
Just specify in the sit. Up tu us to accept.

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Hello @helengoodall and a big welcome to our community forum and glad to hear that travel is now on your horizon once again!

Many of our owner members have helped to give rescue pets a loving home, and similarly many of our sitters also have experience of understanding the sensitivity, love and attention these pets often require.

I am always blown away by the trust we are given as sitters by these pets who are often mistreated terribly. We are off today to look after one such adorable spaniel, who just loves her humans despite her appalling past experience as a (badly treated) hunting dog in France.

If you are clear in your listing about the needs of your pets and any particular qualities you think a sitter would need for your particular circumstances, I’ve no doubt you’ll find the right sitters who will provide the best of love and care!

All the best, Vanessa


Hi - we are HO & have a rescue dog. He is a large lab x collie and has a wariness of strangers. We have always been very clear in ads that HS must be comfortable with this and allow him to approach them initially, and not the other way round. We have had 5 incredible sitters (pre covid), all of whom have got on fabulously with our dog; one even commented he (the dog) was the greatest character & most obedient dog they had ever looked after. So, as long as you are clear in your ad and careful in your selection of a sitter don’t worry there are plenty of experienced sitters.


Thank you all for the encouraging messages. Our lab is a gorgeous boy and I just wish his previous owners had been more honest with the rescue so we could understand where this fear of other dogs had come from. However he is a loving member of the family and we wouldn’t be without him. Looks like there are some amazing sitters out there.