A Day In Mexico With The Animal Pad Team

Today I went on a care run to Mexico with the Animal Pad Team theanimalpad.org …a different world just 40 mins away.

We fed many dogs, gave flea, tick & worming treatments and brought back the sweetest girl. To look at her she doesn’t present as dog in need of rescuing but she is constantly pregnant providing two houses with puppies like bitches in a puppy mill, except she was free to roam the streets.

I called her Holly,

We bought her for $100 she will have her puppies soon by the look of her but tonight she is safe and cared for and home with Lauren from TAP … tomorrow she goes to the vet …

Holly is our TrustedHousesitters rescue, we will support her care until she and her puppies are adopted … and our community will get to name her puppies when they are born.

TrustedHousesitters have partnered with The Animal Pad who are a volunteer only shelter in San Diego we help support their work through sponsorship and fundraising events, if you are ever in San Diego do connect, they would be so happy to meet you.

The team in the pic have real jobs: Flight Attendant, Children’s Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Web Developer & Vet Industry Marketer

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Absolutely love this! Very well done and looks like great fun!


Oh my gosh, now I want to visit San Diego just so I can volunteer with you for a few days. I’ve been involved with rescue here in Sydney for 20 years so always look for opportunities when I travel adds SD/APT to list :heartpulse:




Absolutely fantastic :heart::clap::clap:


@Angela-CommunityManager This is very touching? :heart_eyes:Which one is Holly?

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Hi @sharondc she is the girl laying on the floor drinking …

@Angela-CommunityManager She’s beautiful!

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How wonderful of you, Angela, and The Animal Pad volunteers to rescue Holly from Mexico! She and her puppies will have a much brighter future. When we hosted TrustedHousesitters events in San Diego Little Italy Dog Park and partnered with The Animal Pad volunteers, we were very impressed by the work they do to rescue, foster and find forever homes for the street dogs of Mexico. We have actually dog sat some dogs rescued by The Animal Pad and they are now in their forever happy homes around San Diego, California.