10 Weeks in Morocco

Hello. I am exploring Morocco for the next 10 weeks by car. I have three sits lined up with THS! Thank you THS!

I would love to hear from anyone who has inside details on off-the-beaten-path tips of things to see and do!

So far a beautiful country with great surfing!


Hello @SunshineAndAloha …. Such a beautiful part of the world to explore and congratulations on securing 3 sits there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can recommend Asilah, it’s a while now since I visited but it’s a lovely, artsy little beach town on the coast, just over half an hour away from Tangier. The medina is known as an art hub, it’s really picturesque, think blue doors, wall paintings, that sort of thing.
Oh and if you love cats they are in abundance there! You will be stopped and charmed at every corner I’m sure! :cat::sweat_smile::blush:

Do you have any particular places in mind there already that you would like to visit?


I traveled quite a bit in Morocco, and my two favorites (which are not “off-the-beaten-path” but IMHO a must are Chefchaouen and Essaouria, especially during the music festival.

A couple of the most interesting places that are (kind of) “off-the-beaten-path”, which in this case means very seldom visited, are Ceuta and Melilla, two Spanish enclaves in Morocco. Note, a visit requires a passport and ev visa

The least interesting Moroccan place I found to be Rabat


@SunshineAndAloha what an exciting location to have three sits in! This is an absolute dream come true. I see others have already sent you some great pics and ideas while you are there. Please make sure you share pics of your adventures here on the forum so we all can “travel” with you!


Enjoy! We did 2 months last summer in Morocco around a multi cat sit in Essaouira. SIDI Kaouki near there is great for chilled beach days and off the main tourist trail a bit. The best best Riad in Marrakech is Riad Dar Oulhoum. Can’t rave enough about it


Amazing! Thank you! I Will be sure to check
These places out! Oh, and I have equipped my car with dog and cat treats! :rofl:

Thanks for tips! So awesome!

Thank you! That’s great info! :relaxed:

Thanks so much for the feedback! I’m
Excited to explore these!

@SunshineAndAloha you will certainly be very popular!! :joy::cat::dog:

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The blue city is on my bucket list? Absolutely fabulous :ok_hand: