100 000 members now ? How THS faces such an increase

I guess THS team must be delighted by the sudden increase (last year it was only 60 000 members ?) but I wonder how the customer service manages to face (and cope) all these demands…
The telephone line must be busy !

I thought we, sitters, would be overwhelmed by new sits proposals (40 000 + must appear somewhere in the listings sent daily) but I don’t see much difference
Does this mean european members only see new listings from members living in Europe, and may be not all of them, and only a few listings from northern america. Is there a change everyday ? Which is the criteria ?

I read somewhere on the forum that “new” listings appeared as “new” only one day. But we never see thousands of new sits (it would take long to read). So what ? Where do they hide ? Is there a turn over ?

If I type USA in my search I don’t see thousands of adverts, does this mean all new american owners have quickly found sitters ? They seem luckier, then, than british ones who cry not to find any

Among the new members, is there a balance between owners and sitters, or more sitters ?

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I think there are lot more sitters than HOs, maybe 4 times more (my impression)? So perhaps there could be just 20.000 HOs and 80.000 sitters? There are about 7K sits listed right now, but a lot of them are in the UK.

I think that’s incorrect, there are more owners currently than sitters and THS is promoting the organisation to reach out to more sitters

My thoughts on this number :

About a year ago there was a similar discussion about numbers and at that time it was mentioned that membership was returning to pre covid levels – about 70,000. This was evenly split between Sitters and Owners.

An increase of 30,000 members over a year is not that great a number – if the split is still even.

15,000 new owners, just under 300 per week, and similar for sitters - not 15,000 all at once!

MOST owners will only use the service once or twice a year, and similar for sitters.

(The Forum is made up of a high percentage of sitters, and a high percentage of full-time, or almost full-time sitters)

So if there are currently 7,000 sits listed, that is only about 15% of the total sits (Owners), and this is the busiest time of the year – holidays across Europe, USA and Australia – MOST owners can only travel during school holidays/annual leave etc.

Trusted house sitters have been increasing the staffing levels to cope with this increase – only this week there has been a post about the new Community Coordinators and I am sure they are increasing staffing across the business – but that takes time and training.


Hi @Candide thank you for once again highlighting our 100,000 member milestone achievement, I can remember a time when there were only two zeros behind the ONE.

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