Numbers of members?

In the latest newsletter I find ‘Welcomed 40,000+ new members.’ Is TH that big? How many members are there in total and how many sitters and how many owners?

Hi @Lauraa I believe the number is closer to 70K now, the site doesn’t update in real time …

Membership dropped during the pandemic but is climbing rapidly and our loyal members supported us throughout the pandemic when times were really difficult.

The split is also pretty even.

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And 40k of them are recent or joined in the past month?

I wonder how many actively use the site, as I’ve never had any sense of so many being involved!

According to the email 40,000 new members’ were welcomed’ ( joined?) in 2001

2021 is how I read it, and thus my question.

Screenshot 2022-01-28 at 20.36.46.png

@Lauraa my reading is that the 40,000+ was in relation to ‘a great 2021’, so that would suggest that’s how many new members joined in 2021. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity has now updated us, showing that although the website shows ‘60k+ happy members’ (not necessarily new members though), that current data shows membership closer to 70k.

That’s how I see it anyway.

That is excellent news that there are now 40,000 new members.
My observations are that with a membership of 70,000 the site requires a much more superior IT programme.
It is hoped that the new membership fees will generate sufficient profit to improve the IT systems and finally resolve the Review and Calendar problem


We are part of a growing, viable and thriving lifestyle.
I am super excited for our future.


That’s a lot of animals to care for ……. wonderful news for us animal loving global travellers.


My question is if TH is 10 years old, was number of members 30 000 and then suddenly gained 40 000 in one month? That is a dramatic increase. @Angela-HeadOfCommunity

Hi Laura the numbers you refer to are annual, not monthly growth.

The important message is our current membership (that is members of varying status re: active/non active) is approx 70K + and growing daily. These numbers are very visible on the site and it’s worth highlighting that referral plays a significant part in member growth, members getting members through RAF and similar programmes.


Annual - I see. So there were 40 000 new members in one year alone?

And how many OWNERS among 70 000 members
How many who are both owners and sitters,
how many only sitters
Is it a

Personally, I don’t understand why people want to know this information.

If you shop in a supermarket, do you need to know how many tins of beans of a certain variety are sold before buying? If you buy a new car do you need to know how many of those models are sold?

Most companies don’t divulge this kind of information - it may just assist any competing companies, but to be honest, why should they tell you every bit of information about them?

Are you just being nosey, is there any reason you all need this information?


Nosey ?
I wonder why THS publishes features (40000, then 60000 on the blog, then we learn it’s 70 000 in reality) without any further detail

On this forum, the majority of members seem to be sitters.
As somebody notes somewhere many come, leave, when you look at periods, it’s amusing to see who participates since 2020, who has become invisible, it would be interesting to know the rate between owners and sitters.
Somebody also noticed rates are different among countries.
About cars, compagnies give quite other infos than the sale of new models…

The only thing that seriously interests me is the viability of the market.

This to me translates to growth. Anyone who is really interested can do a search and see that home and pet sitting is growing exponentially. More people now have more pets than ever, thanks to the pandemic. More pet owners means more opportunities for pet sitters.
As a full time sitter, on this forum less than a year, I see there are more sitters looking to learn how to “do this right” or better. The forum allows us a place to gather and share ideas, concepts that work for us even though it is not a one size fits all as some may think. But it is a great place to meet others who are like us and share our stories and adventures because this is an incredible way to live. It also allows us to meet owners who may be interested in meeting us.

In the short time that I have been here, I have seen people go silent, some have left yes. In my observations, I feel that has happened because others have openly and blatantly chastised others for expressing their opinions or sharing candidly how they make this work for them. I think we all need to remember that we are all human and we choose how we live in the manner that works for us.

Of course they are different and they will be. Home and pet sitting is very cultural. It is not something that will be known or seen as common in some countries except in expat communities and therein lies the opportunity for the right sitter. There are actually people out there who have never heard of this.

But, I know nothing. I only know enough that THiS works for me and a whole heck of a lot of wonderful people.