100th Sit!

We’ve been nomadic for 5 years now and house-sitting most of that time (despite Covid breaks). We are currently on our 100th sit (and a rather lovely one in rural England).
I’m sure we aren’t the record holders as there are some people who’ve been doing this full-time for longer. Who can beat 100?
We’ve been with 4 agencies in all, but overall 62 of our sits have been Trusted Housesitters and we now get about 90% of our sits through them. Being full-time can get complicated but we have friends and family we can stay with in the UK and we camp during gaps whenever possible. The last 6 sits have had no gaps between them (and no long journeys either). We’re almost fully booked till May next year.
It’s a great life! We’ve met some lovely people and a lot of very lovely animals (478, not counting fish) and discovered some great places in the UK and further afield.
We sold our house in Australia on retiring, intending to down-size after travelling for a year or two, but with house-sitting we can financially go on forever on our pensions. The hardest thing is managing medical and dental visits when you are a nomad.
We’re still loving it, though recently thinking we’ll buy a house in a year or two (and still house-sit part time). Having mostly had sits in large country houses we’re a bit spoiled and don’t think we could live in a town again.


Wow! Great job.
We have been house-free for 8 years and started doing sits 6 years ago, but I don’t think as many sits as you. We love long sits, the longest was 7 months, ending with packing up the owner’s house and shipping personal belongings and the cat to their new home around the world!

I wish we could keep going, but my husband is tired of foreign languages, strange kitchens, and the early morning cats.

I wish you luck!


I know @temba has done more than 100 sits and is an Aussie, but she doesn’t like to boast about it.
I’m currently on my 82nd (most through THS but others through 3 other platforms and Facebook). I’ve been full time since January 2019, with a break during the pandemic obviously. I’ve rented my home.


Congratulations on your 100th sit!! :clap::clap::clap:
We too did our 100th sit- in the UK- back in March. We are now in Spain on no. 105!
We have done all our sits through THS- joined in 2018 and slowly became full time-not really a conscious plan- but we’ve been nomadic for 12 years so transitioning into full time sitting happened naturally, especially when we realised how easy it is to do back to back sits in UK post Covid! Its a great lifestyle, rather addictive too!! :rofl:


Congratulations. We are only a year in and 20 sits but loving the life and hope to be posting about 100 sits in the future.


What a wonderful story, when I started reading I thought it was about a couple in their twenties. When I finished reading it and saw that they are pensioners, it made me remember that dreams don’t end when you mature. I am 40 years old and this is the first time I have used this APP. I live in Mexico and I barely found out it existed and I am going to Vancouver to take my first trip using this APP and I felt strange thinking that only people in their twenties used this type of APP. and now I read you and it is something that I have always thought about doing when I retire to travel and travel the world but I was worried about money, with this APP and your testimony I realize that it is possible and it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing and congratulations 100 is an impressive number!!!


Welcome @GabyFiNo !! You are embarking on a great adventure with housesitting! Enjoy your first sit in Vancouver- what a great place to start! You will see from posts on this forum that there are many, many older sitters, like me & my hubby, age 60+! Its a great way to ‘slow travel’ at any age and for any reason! (See my other post above!)
60 is the new 40!! Have fun & happy housesitting! :star_struck:


@Lokstar you’re a rockstar! And all the other amazing sitters who deserve to boast!


Good on you @Smiley :+1:

100 sits is a way too conservative number for @temba

It would be great for THS to recognise our super stars!


I have known @temba for quite some years now and meet up annually when she comes over to the the UK.
She doesn’t like to boast but I have just had a look at her profile and she has 145 reviews. I cannot recall if she has done any sittings with other sites.

I have just had a count up of my own sittings and, co-incidentally, the last sitting I did was my 145th. 36 of these were with other sites although my very first one was a funny little advert in the newspaper.


Hi @Itchyfeet, she certainly has done sits with other sites…I’m sure she’ll put in an appearance here as you can bet she’s read this! :joy::rofl:. Congratulations to you. I recently met up with @temba & Libby & will meet again in August. Where are you?


I live on the border of Cheshire and the Peak District.
We are due to meet @temba and Libby in August - where will you be then? I know you have met up many times


Talk about pressure to reply @Smiley and @Itchyfeet :joy:! Yes, I’ve done about 6 sits on AussieHousesitters, a couple for friends when starting out and on number 146 for THS at present.

I’m not a nomad as have my own home in Australia where I do spend about a third of the year.

If it wasn’t for @Itchyfeet, I would not be sitting as she was my mentor when I began in 2016. I had recently had to have my 18 year old cat put to sleep and had used THS a few times as an owner. With a love of pets and travel, becoming a sitter seemed perfect for me. It’s been a life changer and something I never would have thought I’d be doing in my retirement.

To @EdGallagher @Itchyfeet @Lokstar and every other sitter, no matter how many sits you have done, CONGRATULATIONS, and continue to enjoy and embrace this wonderful opportunity.


What a :star2: @temba


We’re in our seventies but lucky enough to be healthy (which is largely luck but keeping fit and eating healthiily helps). We left Australia thinking we could only afford to travel for a year, two max, and would eat into our savings. With house-sitting we’re not touching our savings and the money from selling our house (in an ethical trust) has grown. There are also ways of earing some money on-line nowadays. Or, if you stay in the one place long-enough, by teaching languages for example.


Very impressive! We’ve not done any sits over a month, and due to Covid had more short sits (UK people were having shorter holidays and we were stuck here), hence boosting the number.


I’d hoped my post would bring veterans out of the woodwork.


There’s plenty of veterans or ‘young’ seniors on here @EdGallagher, including Aussies, enjoying this lifestyle. Continue what you’re doing for as long as you want to and are able to.


Roll on #200!


@temba a veteran, young senior and an Aussie here as you know. Enjoying the lifestyle that started out temporary and now look where we are! Got a little ways to catch up to you and all the other +100’s but closing in fast :laughing:

Well done @EdGallagher :100::raised_hands: