100th Sit!

Congratulations :tada: :tada: :clap: :clap: :clap: We planned on traveling for 3 to 4 months and settle down and now we’ve been traveling fore 3 1/2 years. We started petsitting last March and currently sitting our 22nd sit. I had no idea petsitting was a thing and now we are planning to do this when the kids are grown and my husband retires. In the meantime, we are happy to travel by camping, Airbnb, petsitting with our kids while working remotely


:clap:t3: I’ve been with TH almost a decade, first year couldn’t get any, now I’m on my 102nd sit with TH with another afterwards lined up. Additionally, I’ve probably had about dozen sits on a private arrangement - some originated from TH. Been nomadic sitter for three quarter of the year for about 6 yrs.



We are retired, (me early), and have done over 50 sits over 5 years. Many long term. many repeats.
We also travel via our self built, very comfortable campervan when in the USA and Canada.
We have recently moved to the UK permanently, and are selling our much loved, highly maintained camper now, while visiting the USA for a wedding. A hard choice but we think train travel is our future way to explore.
Wild camping and Housesitting in the USA and Housesitting, property caretaking throughout Europe has been amazing, but we are focussing more on detailed experiences now, with a few sits every now and then. (On one now).
We never want our journey or love of adventure, mixed with our deep love of animals to end!


102 showing on THS past sits but a couple didn’t happen and I’ve done a couple outside the platform so it evens itself out. 8+ years of cat sitting very much part-time as I was working f/t until 2021 and am now trying to get house renovations finished after several stalls.


I’m on my 102 THS sit and I think I’ve done another 50 on other platforms and via private arrangements. I started with a very long 18 month (never again) arrangement in 2015 but the fun really only started when I signed up to the platforms :slight_smile:


Oh my :tada::heart: What impressive and inspirational to read also the community closeness. You are all Stars :sun_with_face: Congrats and amazing accomplishment about over a 100 sits. Respect for all sitters with a heart for pets. :tada::heart: Really Amazing.


Fascinating reading , so glad you have found a way of enjoying your retirement

After following these conversations for a while, I’m renting out my home starting next month and downsizing to an apartment for the next year. If the rental shows that it works out financially, I’ll likely be taking off to be an international nomad. :crossed_fingers: What are your latest tips for folks in this renting-out-the-house-and-going-nomadic scenario?

@cherylfah - I would say, give your house to an agent to rent. We originally were doing ours long distance but the smallest jobs can be a pain to sort out when you are not there.

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We’re exactly the same as @Colin with an agent taking care of the long term UK rental as we are rarely even in the same country. Yes it’s 10% off the top but so much easier @cherylfah #digitalnomadsandfulltimesittershere

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I live in the peak district national park and have been Trusting for about 12 years now. I love it!


Yes, done, signed an agreement with a local manager last month after doing a lot of research about the options. The thought of managing ANYTHING at the house while I am away is a nightmare and I am delighted to pay their modest fee in order to free my mind. If that’s the main thing that folks here recommend, then I’m all set :wink:


Congratulations to all that have taken up this lifestyle whether it be having completed a few sits or more than 100.
We are on sit number 122 having started back in late 2015.
We are a retired Aussie couple that happened across house sitting whilst on a ‘gap’ year exploring options to retire ‘cheaply’ in South East Asia.
Our first sit was with THS in Thailand and we were only chosen by the home owners because we were in the country and didn’t need to travel!!!
Our plans quickly pivoted and we spent the next 9 months sitting through the UK and Europe and we were hooked.
On return to Australia we sold/donated everything we owned (except our house which is rented out) and have been fully nomadic since April 2017.
It’s a great lifestyle and very affordable (in fact cheaper than if we were retired and just living in Australia).
We’ve been very fortunate to have done sits in many countries over the past 8 years and don’t see any end to our travel adventures.
We have made so many new and dear friends over the journey and truly blessed to have come across this wonderful lifestyle. :star_struck:


@GabyFiNo, house sitting serves a vast number of purposes and diverse situations. We joined with the hopes of traveling locally to see our surroundings and had our first sit about an hour from our home, in May of this year, and had our first house sitter in June who took real good care of our dog Darling and fish Oscar for two weeks when we traveled to Costa Rica.


Congratulations! 100th is so cool!

We are a nomad family of 5 years now.
Finding places for medical and dental is actually not that hard to me. I like to find the inexpensive places, Bali I got a ton of procedures done and all scheduled through WhatsApp (so cool), we are headed to Kuala Lumpur next and I plan to get blood work and dental stuff done!
Our daughter does need braces soon so we will have to settle down soon just for that.

Reading this gives me hope for our future as nomads. After our daughter grows up we plan to continue to pet sit or work on a cruise ship (we are in healthcare)

We made such good friends in England even after 2 sits, it has been so cool- this community!


Hi congratulations! We are at 141 housesits. We started in 2018. We are retired, we have met lots of lovely pets and people around the world. Made dozens of friends, who now join us on, or invite us back, for holidays :slight_smile:


so awesome !

What do you do about health and dental cover if you don’t mind me asking and travel insurance?

Hi @Aideen, whenever we return to Australia we purchase a new 12 month travel insurance policy.
When that expires we take our ‘chances’ unless we are travelling to a particularly expensive country for medical care eg. USA. In that case we buy a policy with Safety Wing. They will cover you for short or long durations and you don’t need to be in your home country to purchase a policy.
As Australians we have reciprocal health rights with a number of countries so that helps too.
We also have a rainy day account with cash for medical emergencies.
Fortunately, we are pretty healthy and just pay out of pocket for any general medical items that may come up.
For dental we wait until we are in ‘cheaper’ countries to get any work done eg. SE Asia. We’ve seen dentists in Mexico, Thailand and Cyprus and been happy with the outcome.
Expat groups are a useful resource for finding doctors/dentists in other countries.
Hope this helps.


that’s interesting, but it’s not the cost of medical that is the problem. As we’re based in the UK now it’s mostly free but waiting lists are long for medical treatment. We could go private if it was something urgent (but the NHS is usually available for emergencies). Most dentists in the UK (I go to private ones) want one appointment for a check-up then another for the treatment, which doesn’t work if the sit is less than 3 weeks.
I’ll look up Safety Wing. Does it cover long trips? Getting travel insurance for over a couple of months when you are over 70 is difficult! To get any insurance you usually need a return ticket, which we generally don’t want to do as it restricts you.
I’ve thought about spending some time somewhere where you can get cheap dental to get some crowns.