5 common mistakes to avoid for a successful listing

We have just applied for a HS in an area my hubby knows very well- he spotted that some of the photos in the listing could not be from the location due to the geography…. turns out they’re photos from the HO’s holidays! Very confusing as one photo shows a swimming pool, which we now realise won’t be available oh well no problem tbh but evidence of one of the items on the Top Tips for HO.

@BonnyinBrighton Was a swimming pool listed in the amenities section of the sit ?

Does the photo of the pool include the pets - I can’t think why else a HO would include it :woman_shrugging:t2:
Does the photo have a caption that explains why it is included ?

You can ask member services to remove the photo if it is not relevant or misleading . Also if it contains personal information ( street address/ car licence plate / full name of homeowners ) or photos of children.

E-mail support@trustedhousesitters.com

I think they might be attempting to show the sort of people they are as they write about loving holidays etc and add pictures of them (I now realise ‘on holiday’). But it’s ok they’re newbies and so are we, so I’ll mention it in the video call if they like my application. It’s a steep learning curve for us all.


Just to mention @BonnyinBrighton that if you are using the app you can see if the homeowner has provided a caption with the photo ( which may give more explanation) .
Captions can’t be seen on the web page .
Hopefully this information is useful to you .


Photos are often done this way because if you have all the curtains open and full daylight, the light from this renders the details in the room as dark blobby silhouettes.
Real estate photos often do ‘curtains drawn - all lights’ on type photos for this reason, or simply have professional photographers and better equipment than a smart phone.

There is a simple technic, you have to photograph with the light and not against.

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Another trick is to take the photos an hour after dawn/an hour before dusk, lamps on. You don’t get light streaming in the windows, but it also doesn’t look like just black holes for windows. Many of my photos are taken that way, you can even tell which ones weren’t, and they’re not as attractive IMO. Been thinking about retaking some of them when I have the time.

Very interesting and informative, Thank you. I’m a sitter and can see how your “tips” would make a sit look more appealing. I find that owners often neglect to name a suburb when the sit is located in a large city. For instance, if I’m looking for a sit in Sydney (a city i know well) i want to know which suburb not just that the sit is in Sydney (somewhere) and only the distances to a bus stop, beach or supermarket are provided. Most HOs are clear about location but some, maybe for security reasons, omit that detail. As i would like a sit in an area that I’d prefer to explore, the suburb name would be useful. I think this would be helpful for any city. I also find it useful to see the correcct dates for the sit in the heading if HOs have placed the date there as sometimes its an old heading and the actual sit is for different dates. Hope this is helpful.


I agree and mentioned this above. When I sit, I mention the suburb in my review to help future sitters.


@Val That’s really insightful advice. Both of those times are referred to as “magic hour” and used by photographers & cinematographers regularly, as it’s considered the best light.

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