Exciting news about our very own Nagy26’s blog!

Hello everyone!

Some of you might remember that our lovely @nagy26 shared some fantastic advice with the Forum about how to create a successful listing.

It was incredibly well received by our members, with many of you feeling that the advice should be available to a wider audience. Some of you also shared your own advice in the replies.

Well, we listened to you, and the team have now created a blog post based on @Nagy26’s words - with their full approval of course!

You can read the blog post HERE!

I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to showcase just one example of the incredible collective knowledge of the Forum, and I hope you are too. The blog post includes a link to the original Forum post, so anyone reading it can see the original post along with everyone else’s contributions.

Moving forward we’d love to continue to show off our member’s knowledge, so if you’ve got a specialist Forum topic in mind which is related to pet sitting and Trusted Housesitters (as an example “My top tips for securing the best sits”), please drop either myself or @Carla a DM and we can have a chat about it, and see if it might make another fantastic blog.

Take care,

Jenny :slight_smile:


That’s great to see @Nagy26 being recognised for her thoughtful and well written guide to help owners with their listings. How about it features in the next Trusted Times for owners?


That’s a great idea @temba - I have asked the team if they’re able to do that!


Thank you so much for this Jenny! Really honoured that my post has been used for a blog - amazing! I hope it can help many owners out there seeking support with their listing :blush:


We’ll know who has read and used it @Nagy26 by their Introduction :wink:


@temba @Nagy26 I’ve just had confirmation that the suggestion is with the decision maker - if I hear anything back I’ll let you know - I would absolutely love to see the blog featured in the Trusted Times!

Me again @temba and @Nagy26 - I’m absolutely thrilled to tell you that the blog post will be included in this month’s Owner version of the Trusted Times! :partying_face: :tada:


Wow! That’s truly amazing! Thanks so much!!

I wonder if @Nagy26 is being rewarded for their useful blog post being featured here and in the Trusted Times?- a few free months extra membership maybe? If not they should be! This would also act as a useful incentive for future member contributions…


Hi @Lokstar - I hear you.

Let me look into that and I’ll come back with a response if I’m able to! :slight_smile: