Latest ‘The Trusted Times’

I know I have been critical of past ‘The Trusted Times’ being full of “fluffy” stories but I want to congratulate THS on the latest owner version I received today.

Thank you for listening to forum members and publishing relevant updates e.g the new Amenities feature and soon the ‘Accessibility by public transport or not’ replacing ‘Sitters Need a Car’.

The ‘House Sitting Etiquette Guide for Pet Parents’ is excellent and provides links to relevant threads on the Forum.

Although I have a Combined membership, I am predominantly a sitter and would prefer receiving the sitter version of ‘The Trusted Times’. However in this case, I am so pleased to read what is going out to owners and just hope they now read it!


Thank you @temba for your feedback! It is much appreciated and glad that you found lots of useful resources.