Latest ‘The Trusted Times’

I know I have been critical of past ‘The Trusted Times’ being full of “fluffy” stories but I want to congratulate THS on the latest owner version I received today.

Thank you for listening to forum members and publishing relevant updates e.g the new Amenities feature and soon the ‘Accessibility by public transport or not’ replacing ‘Sitters Need a Car’.

The ‘House Sitting Etiquette Guide for Pet Parents’ is excellent and provides links to relevant threads on the Forum.

Although I have a Combined membership, I am predominantly a sitter and would prefer receiving the sitter version of ‘The Trusted Times’. However in this case, I am so pleased to read what is going out to owners and just hope they now read it!


Thank you @temba for your feedback! It is much appreciated and glad that you found lots of useful resources.

I looked at my inbox to see whether I had received any of these newsletters. And yes, but almost all of them were unread.

The mail subject is always the same: “The Trusted Times | Your Monthly Newsletter”. Also the first line is always the same “NN, your Trusted Times newsletter has arrived!”, the line that shows in notifications and mail summaries. That only tells me that I received the monthly dose of sweet pictures.

If THS would want to inform, they should send mailings at irregular intervals, when there is something to tell, with an informative subject. For example: “Changes in the web interface - Check your profile page.”


I’m sure they do??? But if not, it’s easy to A/B test titles and timings to see what gets the best open/response rates/engagement.

I too tend to just delete things that appear to be delivering same old same old. An informative title would make all the difference to my response.

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Has anyone received the latest Trusted Times? Hoping for an update on the August announcement of the revised review system.

It seems to be running late @Twitcher or it’s taking longer to come Down Under!

@temba - do you mean the newsletter or the review roll out :joy:

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@Twitcher @temba I still don’t receive the newsletter despite admin apparently setting my account up to get it. Does this mean I’m special? :thinking:

Most definitely @ziggy :star_struck:

Very special @ziggy :wink:. Just be patient as you haven’t missed the latest edition yet.

Excellent question @Twitcher :wink: