When did this forum start?!

I’ve been on TH for a few years, usually for summer travel. I just updated my profile with sitter requests a couple of weeks ago and only just today saw this forum???

It’s great but I don’t understand why there wasn’t an email or some way to notify members of this feature.

I’m confused TH.

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Hi and welcome to the Forum. The Forum started about a year ago, with a few Sitters and Homeowners across the globe being invited to trial initially, although I believe it was always open for all members of THS to join at any time.
By April this year, there were around 200 members, and the Forum was officially launched, with a number of emails and messages from THS, competitions and giveaways.
The Forum has been mentioned in all the monthly emails from THS, and features on the main site, there are now just over 1300 members from around the world, and growing every day.
I am sure Angela or Vanessa the Forum admins will welcome you shortly and I see you have posted another couple of questions.
There is a lot of good information on the Forum from Members around the world.


Hello @LuLupeKitty and welcome to the forum… we are very happy you’ve found us and sorry that you didn’t see the emails that were sent out. The forum went live to everyone back in April after extensive trials to a small group, and emails were sent to all members to announce this at that time.

Since then we’ve regularly encouraged our members to come and join the conversations in our monthly Trusted Times newsletters, at the end of many of the blogs and other email communication pieces. The link is also on the footer of the website.

We’ve been continually looking at ways to let our members know that the community is here for them, and today an important integration was put in place so that this forum (run separately on the Discourse channel) is now accessible via your options when in your dashboard, making it easy to get to the forum and back again.

I’m sorry you haven’t found us before and I’ve just seen your other message about email notifications, which I will merge here to keep your queries together. Can I ask if you’ve been receiving other email correspondence such as Trusted Times? Please feel free to DM if you’d prefer. It might be that we need to get membership services to take a look at your account.

In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy connecting with other members here. All the best.

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I sent an email about this over a week ago with no response.

For some reason, I do not receive a notification every time someone sends a message to my inbox. And yes, it’s set to receive a notification by email.

Because of this, I missed a potential sitter who is now booked because I didn’t receive a notification on time.

This was the ONLY person who was a good possibility because there doesn’t seem to be many people traveling and I’m in Canada.

Now what TH??

Thanks for the reply!

No I don’t receive TRrusted Times.

And only today did I see the tab for the forum, which is I guess because it was only put there today.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve now passed your query over to membership services to see where they are with your existing enquiry, so please bear with us and we or they will get back to you as soon as they’ve looked into this.

Yes, today was the first day for the new tab. We are sure that will help more of our members find this space :slight_smile:

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Hi again… Katie from membership services is going to send you an email to see how she can help you. All the best.

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Aug 2 - 9 preferably but dates can be flexible through Aug.

Running out of time…