I think I found a bug on the website

Hoping to message/invite past sitters, I clicked on “PAST SITTERS” which brings me to a page of all our sitters. So far so good.

I then clicked on any of them, and then I clicked on “PROFILE” thinking it would take me to their profile where I could possibly send them a message. Instead of taking me to their profile, it takes me to a page of a whole bunch of sitters - kind of like the result when I’ve clicked on “Find a Sitter”, but not as many. I tried this on a bunch of our past sitters and it was always the same.

Also, when I clicked on Past Sitters>one sitter who may no longer be a member of this site (based on his stated life goals a year ago), the return page goes crazy: flashing and scrolling through the page of different people. (PS It would be great if we got a message returned that said “no longer a member” if this is actually the case.

PS It’s not that I couldn’t find a way to invite them. I did. I went to my inbox and luckily I use “sat for us” as a label. It just took a long time because I have 4 pages or more of names who is invited using “find a sitter” in the past in my inbox. Luckily, I label past sitters with “Sat for Us”.

And yes, I have their private emails, but thought this should be the most official way and would qualify us for insurance, THS help with cancellations, etc, and should be quickest.

I just couldn’t find a way to contact THS human directly as chat bot was no help. This forum was monitored in the past, so I hoped I’d get an answer on where/who to contact.

Can you send an email to the past sitters? Or send an email with private dates?

Why don’t you drop Membership Services a line support@trustedhousesitters.com and let them know about this.

You can also try to find old correspondence with this sitter in your inbox and try to reply there. If it won’t go through this will confirm that he’s no longer a member.

Do you have any alternative ways to contact him—-his personal email, WhatsApp or cell phone number? That’s another option.

Thanks…it’s not that I can’t contact them another way, but the bug should be corrected:)

Thanks. My inbox is jammed with past times using “find a sitter” but that’s what I had done to work around.

It’s not that I couldn’t figure out a way to invite them, it’s that profile should be quickest, and bug needs to be corrected.

I searched for “contact us” and even tried chatting (but the bot couldn’t help me AND there was no way to either request human or leave a message. Thanks for the link- hopefully they can help or connect me with tech or online support.

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Wonder how I could have missed this email address! I was all over the website …. But clearly not all over!

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