Ability to Message Any Member

This has come up elsewhere, but I thought I would create a thread for it in the Feedback/Ideas topic.

As a sitter, it’d be great to be able to message other sitters! I’ve thought about this for a long time, especially when I come across someone’s profile who I think, “Hey, that person sounds really cool and we have a lot in common, would be fun to connect!” But also, it would be so helpful to be able to message sitters privately to ask about a previous sit that they’ve done (if we’re applying to that sit). Even though feedback can be left, not all sitters feel comfortable doing so, especially if their experience wasn’t completely positive.

I imagine that owners might feel the same way about wanting to be able to message other owners, for the same reasons!

Great idea, although I doubt its viability through THS for a number of reasons.
I wrote in a post elsewhere yesterday that I wondered if there was a way to contact an owner with an advertised sit, in order to ask a question or check a fact, without actually applying. (There was a listing with a description & dates that didn’t match up, so I used “apply” to ask which was correct but I just got an automatic refusal & the sit remained advertised :woman_shrugging:t3:).
I’ve noticed there is a forum post about linking social media accounts but haven’t got to reading it yet. That would offer a channel of communication of course but isn’t universally applicable. And then there’s this forum, when it goes live as I hope it will.


I share. I tried yself to find sitters on the lists, not easy (see my previous post on that topic)

@alternativetravelers This would be a real bonus if it was possible on the THS site but I suspect it is a huge technical task to achieve. We would love to be able to just contact sitters about previous sits or locations or just general advice. Always great to connect isn’t it? I guess that is what this forum is all about.


On FB you can send a private message to a member via Messenger, on FB groups too (like digital nomads). But FB has a power THS has not (in computing resources)
Owners and sitters may also refuse to be contacted personnally , which would imply again THS asks them if they want it or not ?
But for sure it would be nice.
I’m a member of 2 exchange of homes organizations, on each one you can contact a member even if you don’t propose to make a swap with him/her, only to know more about his previous swap (the place where you would like to go)