Private message Function

I’d really like the ability to private message other sitters. With the apparent reluctance of sitters to include anything negative in the reviews, it would be nice to be able to message previous sitters before applying for a sit.
If felt necessary, members could,have the ability to not accept any messages.

Couldn’t agree more, it’'s something I always wish for as well! Sometimes I’ll see that a sitter has left 3/4 thumbs up in their feedback, but in their comment just say succinctly that the sit was good. Given how subjective that is, it’d be nice to know why they didn’t give 5 thumbs up. It could be due to personal preference or something else, but we’re left guessing without more info.


This is something I have had a think about and dismissed it. As a full-time sitter, pre covid anyway, I have now completed over 30 sits on THS ( and a few more on other platforms).
So if I was to be contacted by even 1 person applying to a previous sit I had done, that would be 30 contacts/emails/messages. Most sits will be of interest to maybe on average 10 people so that 30 contacts goes up to 300 - I want to enjoy my travels, not time replying to messages. Just my personal thoughts…


Good point, as full timers also with 30+ sits, we’d likely have the same issue, though I’d probably just copy/paste the same message to everyone who asked about a particular sit. I think the idea of having people be able to toggle this ability on/off would be a good one so folks could opt out!


And with various time zones, if you don’t reply for several hours / day, people will think there may be a problem…

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I can understand that concern, but wouldn’t it mostly only happen for places you hadn’t left a review?

If someone still contacted me even though I’d left a clear review, I’d just tell them “go read my review”.

I think the toggle on/off PM feature is a good idea.

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