A conversation about insurance

That is very interesting. I would love to have such a trustful broker ! I would be very happy to pay for this kind of advices !
But in any case, I will ask my company about our insurance when staying in OH home for pet-sitting…
We now have a very good insurance company with real people in real office ready to speak to you, and not only a voice machine asking you to dial 1, dial 2 and bip bip bip…

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je pense qu’un “broker” est un “agent général” (représentant une seule compagnie) ou un “courtier d’assurance” (travaillant pour le compte de plusieurs).

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Sounds right, @Provence
(I learned French long long ago but haven’t spoken for years. :wink:)

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@VNcatontheroad , this is such an unfortunate situation. So sorry this happened to you.
From what I have read, the TV would have been covered if the HO had had the THS standard or premium Homeowner’s membership. Their regular homeowner’s insurance policy, alone – at least in the US, would not cover this.

Because of this discussion, I called my insurance agent to find out if my homeowner’s insurance would cover me as a sitter if I caused damaged in someone else’s home. I live in the US. My insurance only covers damage to my own home, things like theft, fire and water damage. It does not cover replacement of items such as appliances or televisions. My homeowner’s liability insurance covers me if I am sued by someone else for things such as damage from a falling tree, a dog bite, an injury incurred by someone while on my property, such as walking into a hole or slipping on ice and breaking a bone.

In order to be covered for damage I caused to someone else’s home while staying there, I would need my own liability insurance, generally commercial insurance. If, for example,
I caused a fire or was responsible for water damage to their home, their homeowner’s insurance would pay for repair but they could come back and sue me for liability.

This is what it says about the insurance that comes with THS standard and premium Sitter memberships:

Accident & third party liability protection - For extra peace of mind, if a pet causes damage or injury to another person, their property, or pets whilst under your control during a sit, and this is due to negligence on your part, then you will be covered by our Sitter guarantee up to $1,000,000 per incident.***

**It appears this only covers damage by the pet you are watching.

Go here to see exactly what the THS liability insurance for Homowners covers:
Home and Contents Protection Terms and Conditions | TrustedHousesitters.com

Here are a few highlights:

  • Property damage — This covers accidental and malicious damage to your property during a sit. It protects your household goods and your valuable belongings too.

  • Theft — If something goes missing, you’re covered.

  • Public liability — This covers you in case the sitter has an accident in and around your property.


  • The insurance only covers the owner for damage or theft if admitted to by the sitter. It does not cover acts where the Sitter(s) does not admit liability unless the damage is Malicious damage or Theft;
  • (e) liability arising from the ownership or use of any motor vehicle or other machinery, whether licensed for road use or not; I assume this would not cover damage to a lawn mower or snow blower (or a bicycle or golf cart??)

As someone else said in an earlier post, as a sitter it is to your advantage to sit for a homeowner who has a standard or premium membership if you do not have your own liability policy.

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But how do you know what level the homeowner has? I am sure sometimes even if you ask them they may not know based on some peoples lack of understanding of the site and that it is new.

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Hi @Kootenaigirl just for reference owners who have chosen the Premium Membership Plan have this indicated on their listing.

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I agree that we can see who has Premium membership but we cannot see who has standard rather than basic.
If I apply for a sitting I don’t feel that I should ask what level of membership the HO has. If I mention that it is for insurance purposes, then they may see that as a red flag on me.
This whole issue of Insurance is a minefield.


@mars thanks and this will be useful to alot of people…I really must go back over all the THS T&C, policy, insurance etc and we probably all should make ourselves aware of things that are more often than not just scanned!

I think (for transparency) on each profile, be it the Sitter’s or HO’s, the type of membership should be shown.

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@Therese-MembershipService From your message:
“including individuals invited to be present at a Home by the Sitter(s) during a Sit”

It does appear that the insurance covers guests as well. It would be a large gap if it did not, because otherwise the HO is exposed to anything that a visitor does whether authorized or not.

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@analognomad … I think it is important to note that no one is allowed on the sit without the owner’s permission (would always advise this in writing) so I suppose that if they have it in writing from the owner that they can have guests then it would be covered. However, there is always a fine line with insurance companies, and this has not been tested here yet. With sitter’s guests around, whether the sitter did it or the guest, I would imagine the sitter would still need to take full responsibility.

I expect that in both cases the sitter would ultimately be responsible. Insurance doesn’t change who is responsible, it changes who has to decide whether it’s worth the effort to try to recover that money.

The HO insurance isn’t removing ANY responsibility from the sitter it is just giving the HO assurance that they will be made whole without having to chase a possibly nomadic sitter through the courts.

As a HO with the THS insurance based on term I would expect that THS covers my home contents and it is up to THS to decide based on the circumstances and cost whether to pursue anything with the sitter (and/or the uninvited guest directly).

@analognomad … Just to clarify, as a homeowner, should a sitter do damage, and your homeowner’s insurance does not cover this, we would submit all the information to our third-party insurance provider, Guardhog and their underwriters would decide whether to pay this or not.

TrustedHousesitters do not pursue any payments from sitters. We may ask the sitter, if they admit to the damage.