A fabulous house sit story

Last Winter we had a nice married couple who came to stay in and take care of our house & mind our cat & plants for 4 weeks while we were away on vacation. They live in a tropical country (where the wife is from) & the husband (from New Jersey) was yearning for some Winter fun & sports, etc. They tobogganed, snowshoed & cross-country & downhill skied. They even did snow-shovelling & clearing our driveway with Ron’s big snow-removal machine! Kudos!
At one point they tried to make a snowman but the snow wasn’t right so they had to wait for some better snowman-building snow which finally came. Their snowman was very creative, here’s what he looked like when they first made him, before they embellished him a bit later.
Here’s what he looked like the day we arrived home, after a large snowstorm. His spikey hair, pointy head, facial expression & spindly long arms & nipped in waist really give him character! Oh, and don’t forget the hunchback which is not as visible in the pictures, but you can see the snow building up on the back of his neck.

As the Winter progressed, more snow arrived & I took an updated picture to send to its creators, who by now were golfing in the tropical heat.
By early February, he’d lost his sight & was starting to look less than happy, lol. The creators said we should throw him a rope.

In late February, he lost his sense of smell (along with a lot of other Covid-19 patients) and his right arm had fallen. Poor Snowy.

By early March, he had severe brain deterioration and fully lost the use of his left arm.

Finally, by Easter weekend, his arms were the only thing visibly left …

When I went out to take this picture, something caught my eye, something red and shiny …

in the rain, on the ground I found his heart and soul! I wrote to the creators telling them of my discovery and praising them for their cleverness! The cat decoration was made in leather & rivets.

Then on Easter Monday as I was musing about what they had done to place these fun Christmas decorations rolled up inside of Snowy, I took another look at the ground around where he was & found this:

the final piece they had buried deep within his snowy little body.
So that’s it. No more surprises. The story of Snowy the foreign-made snowman by our 2021-22 House and cat-sitters, G&N.


Hi @CANCAN welcome back it’s been a while we missed you but oh what a return!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful tale it’s truly very special, what incredible imagination and creativity, pure genius … their presence was with you long after their departure.

Thank you again you’ve, well you, G&N have made our day. :heart_eyes:


I love this! How gorgeous! So much fun and creativity! :grinning:


Great story @CANCAN thank you for sharing Snowey’s story


What a magically creative way to remind of us of our impermanence and the gifts we all have inside which is all we ever really leave behind.
Thank you for sharing this marvelous tale and spreading these good feelings.


I absolutely loved reading this story @CANCAN - thank you for sharing!


You made nostalgic of the Canadian winter haha I remember some years having a snow storm in mars! :laughing:


Hi CANCAN, thank you for sharing your incredible story through an inspirational photo-novel! :star_struck:

G&N are such creatives sitters! What a thoughtful and heartwarming gift to go through the Canadian winter! :heart_eyes:


Cancan, thank you for sharing this beautiful story about this special Snowman built by your wonderful house sitters. It brought back fond memories of Scruffy and Daisy, the dogs we were pet sitting for in Breckenridge, Colorado, but we are now in doggy heaven. Scruffy and Daisy loved carrots, especially the ones strategically placed on the snowwoman we encountered on our daily walks in the snow!!!


Wonderful! I love it when someone else’s wonderful story reminds us of another fabulous memory, so happy to have provided you of this, how long ago was this?

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I love this story so much :heart:


Mars?? Lucky you. Upstate New York had the worst storm of the season last Wednesday :wink:

Saw that :scream: Had that too :laughing: Shuttt just don’t want to scare any prospective HS :joy:

This is such a fabulous story @CANCAN and we are also reminded of a lovely memory in France last year on a pet free sit. You can see that having no pets got to us a bit :rofl: Thank you so much for taking the time to share!