House Sitting Adventure after cancer

Hope this is ok to post. It’s the reason we added house sitting to our adventures.


Thank you for sharing your amazing journey @Oztravels. You beat the odds with medical intervention, change of diet and lifestyle and so much positive thinking and belief. May you both continue loving your adventures as remarkable house and pet sitters. We Aussies never give up! :hugs:


What an inspiring story! You know there are people who are alive for
30 years but who don’t really live it…good on you for getting out there and doing what you want!
I wish you nothing but the best!


@Oztravels Thank you for sharing your challenging but inspirational story! The forum team are so happy to read your wonderful outcome.

Thank you for educating me personally on stress and how certain changes can benefit your life so much.

Thirty years later, the couple’s adventures continue and they both travel far and wide house and pet-sitting across the globe. They are currently house and pet sitting in Spain, where they’re having the most wonderful time.

Happy housesitting and wishing you well on your future housesitting adventures :star_struck: