Hello from NoVA, US!

I just started using TrustedHouseSitters this past October when I was caring for my Dad in hospice care with my Mom. After he passed from cancer, I felt the need to get away as a personal retreat.

I will be doing mostly local sits for now as I spend more quality time with Mom (lesson learned) until sometime next year.

So far, I find it to be a very nice tool for finding good sits. I just completed my first housesit from this site a few days ago, and I really enjoyed it and it went really well for all involved.

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Hello @FreeSpiritManette,

First and foremost I want to express my deepest sympathies for your fathers passing. Seriously F&$k Cancer! I don’t know a single person that hasn’t lost someone to this horrible disease.

I am so glad that you have found this community and had a great first sit as I truly believe animals are the absolute best therapy. I have added your profile link to your forum profile so that forum members can look at your profile. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to use the search function and if you can’t find answers there, our community is always a wealth of knowledge. Do you have any other sits lined up?


Hi, thank you for the sentiment about my Dad’s passing and cancer and yes, I absolutely and resoundingly agree. I wish we could eradicate this disease from our world completely.

I do have one sit lined up so far in December that I am excited about, and there was another one a few days after, but she cancelled the next day after approving me due to her holiday plans cancelling - according to her. It looked like a tranquil place and of course a lovely cat, and the owner seemed nice. I will see what comes up next.

That’s great to hear! Unfortunately cancelling does sometimes happen. I had to cancel one of our sitters this year because our infant came down with Hand, Foot, Mouth disease just a few days before the sit. It was awful! We didn’t want to cancel but we absolutely had to and felt terrible for the sitter as well…but thankfully she was local and it wasn’t an issue for her that we cancelled. Keep applying and I’m sure you’ll get another one is no time.