New from Oceanside, CA

Hi, I’m new to this group and not sure what I looking for, pet sitting or pet sitter.
We have two cats and we live in a great part of the US.
I have been in love with animals all my life and have volunteered in most areas of animal rescue, I’ve had horses, dogs, cats, helped manage a rescue.
Saved feral cats, and helped with meds. vaccines, and surgery procedures.
I’m joining this group to see where it leads me.


Hello @Dcatnip and welcome to the forum. There’s a wide variety of topics and discussions here, so it should give you a good introduction to the varied lifestyles of sitters and homeowners.

For information on the benefits of being a TrustedHousesitters member - either as a sitter, homeowner, or a combined membership - also check out the website:

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Thank you very much I’ll check everything out.
I have a neice that I know is interested in sitters…

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You sound wonderful and will be a perfect addition to THS.

Hello @Dcatnip and welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face: … you certainly do live in a great part of the US, we love Harbor Beach :beach_umbrella:

As a homeowner with cats and with all the animal skills and experience you have, you don’t have to choose–you can be both! Start with whichever works best for you first, and then add the other when it makes sense to do so. Reading notes from those who are both, I think there’s a wonderful opportunity for understanding and empathy when you experience both roles.

Thank you, this is an exciting site.

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Thank you…

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