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Hi everyone! I just joined tonight. This is a great forum and service! I used to pet and house sit when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s - before I had alot of animals myself … and now, about to turn 63, with only a cat and a horse I have a fantastic neighbor who cares for my cat when I am gone, and peeps to care for my horse, I can venture out and about to explore more again.
I moved to California from across the country in Virginia in 2016 and love exploring California. I know how challenging it can be to find great, responsible, caring people to care for my own pets, and I love being able to provide this for others again.

To start, I am looking for sits in California that are shorter term so I do not leave my cat and horse for too long… I was just gone for 6 days and my cat was ‘over it’ by day 5… she didn’t leave my side after I got home for days lol…

Here is a question for you - I have applied for a sit later this month - do you recommend only applying for one pet sit on those dates or several? And, why do you recommend either only 1 or several?



Hi @PreciousPets

A very warm welcome to the forum. You will find tremendous support from our experienced members here.

Please do add your profile link to your forum profile so members can really get to know you and see what petparents/owners see when you apply for sits. They will then be able to really help you.

Here is a thread that has a lot of discussion around your question.

Best Wishes
Therese and the forum team

thanks so much Therese and Team! I have been trying to get my profile url by following the directions - but all I can find is this Find the Perfect Pet Sitter! Home & Pet Sitting Made Easy | which doesn’t direct to my specific page… i can send pics of what I am seeing and doing for each step? I would love some additional help. I am usually pretty good at finding my way with this stuff so I am unsure what I am missing.

and thanks for the link to answering the question about applying for multiple sits. I appreciate it.

Hi @PreciousPets
I have popped up your sitter profile here so other members will be able to see it and give you advice.

I love your first profile photo.

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When I first started, I was reluctant to apply for multiple sits at once but with experience found that the likelihood of 2 people accepting at the same time is minuscule. If you do that, be sure to rescind your other application immediately with a brief explanation that you were accepted for another sit. To feel a little more comfortable, maybe wait at least a couple days between applications to allow for a quick response from a homeowner.
Have a great time!
Dan and Nan

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Thanks Therese!

Thanks Danandnan. I got my first sit! I’m looking forward to it.
As I move forward I’ll definitely keep all you said in mind. I appreciate the reply.

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