Hello from Central Coast California

Hello, I just joined a week or so ago and am trying to find someone to house sit with my senior terrier mix. I am a children’s librarian living in central coast California.

My experience with TrustedHousesitters been disappointing so far. I’ve received interest and replied but I don’t receive replies back.

I’m not sure if folks don’t want to take care of a senior dog, don’t want to visit this area of the country or some other reason.

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HI @Rachell welcome to our community forum and a warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters to you and Delila … she is adorable and her advancing years are not a problem at all, I’ve just taken care of a 17 year old Maltese and many other seniors over the years.

Sitters are as different as the homes and locations on the site and have different motivations for the locations they choose and as owners we often don’t see why someone would choose our location but sitters will see a location in such a different light, they could also have family or friends who they want to be close to, but not too close.

Your sit is not until November and this year has been a little different with many sitters not planning as far in advance as perhaps they did before the pandemic. I would not be too concerned.

It’s also great that you have added the listing link to your forum profile that way other members can view and may have some advice or insights and even have interest in coming to the Central Coast.

There are many very helpful articles on the website blog to help make the very best of your listing this one for example

Feel free to ask questions as you will find our community helpful and supportive … what would you say is the best thing about where you live and would Delila be a good “tour companion”

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world.

Angel and the Forum Team

Just noticed your link is there I will look at it now. :grinning:

Hi and Welcome
I just joined too as a sitter and maybe later I will need sitters too. I am starting to explore places to sit. For me, I would have no problem caring for a senior dog as I have had several of my own over the years. Also I enjoy California and visiting the central area. So I am not sure why you are not getting replies. Maybe if you link your place people can give you feed back on your home owners post? Sometimes I think there may need to be more photos of more information is needed. This is just my feedback as a newbie reading home owners posts.

@Rachell I suggest you add one or two photos of the kitchen. Also the only photo of a bedroom, and the one mentioned in your listing, appears to only have a single bed. That needs to be clarified. Are there more options available? Otherwise you are restricting yourself to a solo traveller.

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