Hi from California

I just completed our first listing as an owner and hoping to get some sitters interested in coming to California, we live close to San Francisco and have a great spot in Walnut Creek.


Hi @LHGinWC welcome to our community forum and congratulations on posting your first sit, I have added the listing link to your forum profile and added some family pics to your post. We would love to hear more about you and the lovely area you are “California Dreamin” in …

Angela and the Team

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What a wonderful listing you have! I’m sure you will find sitters who want to come to hang out with your pets and enjoy your beautiful home.

And what a great location. We sat in Pleasant Hill two years ago and loved the experience.

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What a handsome trio :star_struck: (And pretty fish too, mustnt forget them!)

@LHGinWC, it might be useful to provide a bit more information about the dogs. How many walks per day, how long, can they all three be walked together, how long can they be left for (eg, if the sitter wanted to go out for a day/half-day), do they travel well in the car (eg, if the sitter wanted to take them out).

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Great idea, thank you for the feedback! Anything else you think I should add or takeaway?

Your listing is lovely and your home is in a wonderful area. Those pups and fish are gorgeous.
Best wishes and welcome to the forum @LHGinWC

Welcome. Your sit looks like a great opportunity. I had the opportunity to do a string of sits - Walnut Creek, Oakland, Berkeley for about 3 weeks last summer and would love to get back. Unfortunately, I’m already sitting for your dates but will keep an eye out for the future!

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