Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area!

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Hello, THS Community!

Stella sitting

We are experienced home exchangers in the USA and in Europe who recently discovered THS. Earlier this month we had a very positive experience with a Canadian couple who watched our dog for three days. Now we are looking for a sitter/sitters to keep Stella company in California while we are in France with our daughters, one of whom is currently studying in Lyon. If you might be interested in spending a couple of weeks with a mellow senior Havanese in Berkeley (which is just across the Bay from San Francisco)

Happy to be part of this community!
Mimi & Steve


If you’re unfamiliar with California & searching for this sit on TH, the locale’s Albany :+1:.

Stella looks like a lovely older pup to spend some time with :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Thanks, RunnerC!

**Albany, CA is a friendly one-mile square urban village bordering Berkeley, right on the bay.

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Sorry, am unfamiliar with California & spend heaps of time on google maps when looking at US/UK sits. :+1:.

Also, please don’t forget there are sitters from OZ or NZ who may be keen but are in the same boat as me…not 100% with US places etc.

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When are you leaving? I’m actually a bay area native and was living in Berkeley until last April. Currently I’m on a cat sit until Tuesday in Oakland. Depending on dates I could be available. Your pup is precious and I have experience with senior animal’s.


What a sweetheart your little one is.
You live in a great area for those who wish to get the real feels of living in Berkeley. Home to the wonderfully unique shops and market places, original art, and peaceful tree lined streets.
Welcome @mimiingalls enjoy your trip to France and the time with your girls.

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Welcome to the forum @mimiingalls . I also spent a year studying in Lyon rather a lot of years ago - it’s a wonderful city!

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Welcome to the forum, looks like a great sit. Unfortunately, I’m committed for your dates, but I’ll watch for future sits.

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Hi, Again!
If you click on our user name (mimiingalls) next to our picture, you can find the link to our complete listing and details of the June sit.
Thanks for the warm welcome to this forum!