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Hi All,

My name is Rachell and I am a children’s librarian. I live in a rural area in California and pet/house sitters are hard to come by.

I’m planning a longer trip and would like to have someone who can take care of my senior dog while looking after my house. I do have a pet sitter but she isn’t able to housesit so I thought I’d try this platform. I’ve never used anything like this so I’m not sure how it all works.

I’d love some advice on my listing and as well as the protocols of working with sitters.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Rachel, I’ve just had a quick look at your page. You’ve put some great photos on & important details about Delilah. I’d maybe put how she is with people & other dogs. Apart from that I think it looks great, I doubt you’ll have trouble finding someone who meets your needs.
Good luck!

Hi @Rachell
In addition to the helpful comments here you’ll also find a wealth of information on the website about how to do a good profile. Also, people have asked the same question on the forum so it may be worth searching it for extra info.
Good luck and welcome to this wonderful community. :blush:

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Hello @Rachell and welcome to the community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. As Smiley has said, there is a wealth of useful information and guidance available.

Three areas where you can get information, and each one has a magnifying glass to enter key search words relating to your question:

  • the main website Help tab at the top of the homepage

  • the blog - the link is on the bottom of the website homepage

  • here on the forum, in the top toolbar

I’ve taken a quick look at your listing, but only at the photos. I would suggest you go through each section of this excellent blog post, How to create the perfect home and pet listing.

In particular, you will see the benefits of a catchy headline, as well as the quality, quantity, and order of your photos. Remember that the first photo is the thumbnail photo that shows in a search. It also shows your location and date range, so use your heading wording for the key feature of your sit, not those details.

It’s good to take a look at other listings to get some ideas. Also search your own listing whenever you make any changes, so that you know it displays as you’d intended.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

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@Rachell Hi! I took a look at your sit listing and would suggest adding a couple more photos of the inside of the home - bathroom, kitchen, any living space available to sitters, etc. As a sitter, I always appreciate seeing the spaces I will be spending time during a sit. Other than that, all your photos of Delila are super cute :heart_eyes: