Is it possible to see other listing posts?

Hey y’all!
I have just joined this forum and Trusted Housesitters! We live outside of sunny San Diego with our 2 German shepherds and brown tabby cat. Our youngest dog Lila is 6 years old and we volunteer together at a local hospital. The older girl Max is 9 and she nicely holds down the fort while we’re gone. We rescued her when she was 4 and while she looks all shepherd, she doesn’t act all shepherd. No herding whatsoever, only pulling! Turns out she’s a quarter Malamute…that explained a LOT!

I’m excited to get started on creating my listing for my pups and cat and was hoping to look at a couple of others to get some ideas as to what to include and what the set-up looks like. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Yes, just type a location into the search box, where is says “Find A House Sit”, and you can look at everyone elses for ideas.

Check out the ones that have a greater number of good reviews for some tips.


Welcome @MargieF. As well as checking out listings as @HappyDeb has suggested, there is an excellent blog link on your Dashboard on the lefthand side headed Guidelines for Owners. That will take you step-by-step from creating your listing to preparing for your chosen sitter to the reviewing process once the sit is completed.
It’s also a great idea to read the Terms and Conditions (Service) and Code of Conduct that you have agreed to by becoming a member so you are fully aware of your responsibilities.
By putting in the effort to create a great listing, you will attract wonderful sitters, so good luck!


Hey, @MargieF, and welcome! One thing you definitely want to consider is your “competition” – other homeowners near you. In the “find a house sit” tab, search on your own location. Read the ones that come up (even if they aren’t currently looking for a sitter), look at their photos, and think of your listing as your “advertisement” for why a sitter would choose your home over one of the others.

Very important re: photos. You want your photos, especially those of the kitchen, eating area, bedroom/bath the sitter will be using, and the areas they’ll be relaxing in to look exactly like they’ll look when the sitters arrive. Clean, declutter, turn on some lamps, and take some time figuring out what is the best angle to show the room at its most attractive.

When you’ve got your listing finished, you can come back in here and post a link to it in your profile here, and some of us will be happy to take a look.


This is a thread that was recently posted by a member. Very helpful!


Thanks so much to all of you for these great recommendations! You’ve given me something to go on as I navigate through this…I’ll be back :slight_smile: