Kindness like we've never known

We’ve been members for several years and have grown to love so many in our community. We had 3 house sits arranged for the first 6 months of 2023. Airline tickets booked and paid for, gifts for our homeowners made, plans all firmed up.

Until…4 days ago when we were told my husband has bladder cancer. If you have heard those words you know the feeling, the numbness.
I spent Monday night notifying our homeowners as 2 sits were within weeks and our third sit was in the UK. The responses we received were very kind and understanding. Cancelling sits is just not something any of us enjoy doing but sometimes it’s the only option.

We have a tremendous group of folks on here and I ask for prayers for my husband, David, as we prepare for surgery tomorrow, the 14th, to remove the tumor and see what lies ahead. We anxiously await scheduling our next sit.

Warm regards,


That’s terrible news for you and your husband, the type of news no one ever wants. I’m glad your home owners didn’t cause more angst for you. Hope all goes well for your husbands surgery and he makes a good recovery. Medical science has come along way…stay positive.


Hi @CindyLou I am so sorry for what you are going through and your words have brought back similar feelings and our memories of five years ago and there is a way through …

Full time sitters, without a base we were in the UK sitting when my husband was given the same diagnosis, we also had to make alternative arrangement and found everyone to be incredibly kind and supportive. At the time we had no home or GP which complicated matters fortunately we had grown children in the UK and my son’s GP was taking on new patients.

It was a long journey but the care and treatment he received was excellent and at the last check up he was given the good news that his next one was not for another 12 months … it meant he was clear.

Please don’t hesitate to Direct Message me if I can be of any help

As @Crookie says try and stay positive and if you need support there are wonderful organisations who will help. Good luck, we are thinking of you … you are not alone.

Angela and the Team


@CindyLou , my thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband. I hope the surgery goes perfectly and that you hear good news afterwards. May he recover well and may you both enjoy many more sits in the future. So sweet that you made gifts for your HO.


David will be in my prayers as well as the medical staff performing his surgery.


Hi @CindyLou. Sorry to hear about your husband. Thoughts to you both and for a speedy recovery.


@CindyLou We’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you and your husband. May peace be upon you.


So very sorry to hear what you and your husband are going through. Unfortunately, I received a similar diagnosis during COVID. There is no good time to get cancer but I had to look on the positive side as I couldn’t travel anyway. Two years later and my husband and I are back to house sitting and took six wonderful personal vacations this past year. Sending positive vibes your way so that you and your husband will look forward to more adventures soon. So nice to hear affirmation of what a great community we have here!


So sorry to read that, Cindy. I’m glad your homeowners were gracious about it. THAT is a good reason to cancel a sit (though certainly a reason no one ever wants to have). I hope all goes even better than planned tomorrow, and I hope that in time, you can both look back on this as just a small pause in your adventures together. Prayers for both of you.

I’m a very new TSH member, and I’ve been thrilled to see how kind and considerate everyone is on the forum. This seems like a group of truly wonderful people, and it’s a nice reminder that the world really is full of good people.


Thank you so much!

Best wishes to you and your husband, for a full and complete recovery. I hope your surgeons are comepetent and compassionate.


All the best for a recovery. Take care.


Hi Cindy I’m so sorry to hear this- what a scary time for you and your hubby. I’m sending love and healing vibes. A dear friend of ours got diagnosed with the same in Goa, India where we used to spend every winter season. He started his treatment in Goa and continued it in the UK after his return some weeks later. The doctors on both sides liased very well and all went smoothly. The treatment was successful and eventually he got the all clear. 10 years later he is still cancer free & doing well :blush: Bladder cancer seems to very treatable. Stay strong, have faith and I wish you both all the very best on this journey. :pray:


Cindy: Keeping you and your husband in my thoughts and hoping for a full and steady recovery.

Sending positive energy, Lynn


Thinking of you both, Cindy and David, and praying that David’s surgery goes well and the future is very optimistic. It’s gratifying to know your owners have been kind and understanding. This really is an extraordinary reason for a cancellation to occur, not like some that we read about on the forum. Stay positive.


Oh @CindyLou
What sad and difficult news to receive! So sorry for what you and your husband are going through. You both are in my thoughts, sending healing vibes for a successful surgery.


We send you lots of good vibes,


Cindy I’m so sorry. Im sending lots of prayers your way. Hang in there :green_heart:


Our best for your safe navigation through the next few months, then we’ll see you back into the pet sitting in no time :pray:


Sending positive vibes to you & David, hope today goes well.