I’ve Never Considered Myself as Shy, but

oh wow! I really feel a bit out of place right now.

Hello @Angela-CommunityManager and everyone, BTW.

@vanessaanderson 100 sits? :astonished: That’s amazing. I know it isn’t a competition but here we are, with one (yep, :one:) completed sit so far and Covid is really making me think we won’t ever get any further.

I wrote a little article about our first sit in June & felt a warm glow :slight_smile:when it was published on the THS blog. It was full of hope & possibilities even under the virus restrictions but we’ve had some setbacks since.

I worked really hard on our profile & references prior to lockdown and after our first sit, we applied for 6 others - and were successful for all of them! We had to select just one of course but it was a great feeling & really boosted our confidence & hopes for future sits. It all went horribly wrong because the sit was cancelled (the owners couldn’t travel because of the wretched :microbe:) but we had travel plans booked so ended up foisting ourselves on friends & family for 3 weeks.

We have one sit booked in Italy (where we live) for December but who knows how things will be then :woman_shrugging:t3:?

We are itching to get on and look after the world’s pets…


It’s just a silly milestone… it doesn’t mean anything really! Having your first sit is almost more exciting I think than reaching 100!! Sounds like you did an amazing job with your profile if you got offered all six sits! That’s awesome. Italy seems to be doing much better with the virus than Spain and France… let’s hope it stays that way. Stay safe and finger’s crossed for your December sit!


Interesting hearing how others apply for multiple sits. Unless there is no response or 30+ applications, we tend to apply for one and await an outcome. Just sort of feel an obligation I suppose which may mean losing out on a few but we go with the flow.


Our experience is very short in this area, having done it just once over this summer looking for quite specific dates & locations. I see how you might feel obliged having applied but conversely one might wait around for answers indefinitely, never being successful? When we applied for more than one we made sure to contact the owners immediately having made our decision, to say we were no longer available. And, as they were all pretty much the same time period, some owners were taking a very long time to make their choice.