Hi fellow house sitters. So Far, So Good

Hello :wave:.
So, after many years wanting to become a house sitter, it has taken retirement to finally live the dream, (hopefully no nightmares to come)

My husband and I decided to retire and move away from our home town and we are now living in Suffolk and don’t regret a thing.

We spent our first house sit not too far from our home, but somewhere we wanted to explore.
I have to say we were extremely lucky, 2 great dogs and easy to care for Koi Carp.
We met the home owner a week before we were due to sit and he explained all we needed to know.

Easy hand over on the sit date, and he left us with a vast selection of wines to choose from and a voucher for £50.00 to use at the restaurant at the end of the road, which I tried to reimburse him for, but he wouldn’t have any of it.

I’m afraid the bar has been set far too high. :wink:


Hi @Max-4-sit welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … thank you for joining us from Constable Country congratulations on your retirement and the start of you living your dream travel lifestyle.

What a lovely introduction to pet sitting and to the forum.

I did two absolutely delightful sits in Suffolk, Chelsworth which boasts the oldest Open Garden Association in the UK … 1946 and we sat the President’s beautiful cat and “chocolate box” cottage complete with stunning garden and another sit 8 miles away with a Collie, kitty and the first rescue chickens we had ever sat.

Enjoy being here on the forum and connecting with members from around the world …

Angela and the Team


@Max-4-sit hey and welcome…thats a nice first sit and as you say the bar is set high! I have often been surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of HOs who have left a fridge so full of food that I could never have got through it…invitation to sample good wines and old fine scotch…decent space to put my things… a clean and sanitized home (especially reassuring in thes covid times!) …the use of a car to get the dog out on some decent adventures…even return airfare paid to Portugal to care for a little kitten…I hope you have the same sort of experiences along the way!


Thank you for the welcome. I have a feeling it’s going to be one awesome adventure.
I’ll buckle up and take what’s thrown at me.

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Thank you carpediem, one can only hope things are exciting and new as it looks at the moment.
My second sit next weekend and I have learnt so much from reading comments on this forum.


Welcome and congratulations @Max-4-sit!
Enjoy any all of the wonderfullness of your retirement and your new lifestyle.


Hi @Max-4-sit glad you had such a great first sit… we’re coming over to Suffolk at the end of this month to visit a friend in Saxmundham :grin::+1:t4:


Thank you very much Amparo.

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Thank you, I hope you enjoy your visit Foldor13.

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Nice history.
Beautiful experience.
I am ready.
Contact me :blush: !!!

Hello Newlife.
Welcome to the community, you will find a lot of useful tips on the forum, enjoy. :wink: