A Little Help PLEASE!

Just keep on trying, it’s worth it!
It’s great to go places and not pay hotel costs and you get to play with cats and dogs too.
To get a sit near me (1 to 25 miles) I have actually gone to meet the Home Owner in person. Sometimes we met at the half way point between our places to save on time and gas.
It seems to me if I’m relatively close to where the pet sit is that I’ve applied for then the home owner wants to meet me first.
Of course they wouldn’t get that opportunity if I were far away.
Also (when I’m not traveling over seas) I tell home owners that I’ll bring my own sheets, blanket, towel, toiletries and food.
I find it is easier to do my sheets later than to have to rush and wash their sheets on the last day and also leave the house as clean as I found it. I also mention I can collect the mail, Pick up the dogs poo, bring in delivered packages (I also send them a photo of the package so they know its size and also the address label), and take out the trash.
My last day I leave a dollar store thank you card.
You can ask the home owner if the want a daily photo(s) of their pet and a short text. They love to get photos of you walking their dog, I usually take a photo of the dog at the end of the leash while we are walking. Ask them to send you a Trusted House Sitters welcome guide.

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Also I have had home owners reach out to me without me even applying for the sit.
This is because the noticed I clicked on the HEART symbol you will find in the upper right hand corner of their listing.
On their end they have noticed this and contacted me because they would like me to sit for them.
I have had a few reach out to me when they have searched through the sitters in the their locale area. Keeping you calendar up to date will help to.

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Also on the THS forum sign up for "last minute " sits. you may get one that way.

Here is an Idea Olivia.
In the forum you can post in . . . Meetup Opportunities - USA, Travel, Meetups & Events

I have. I’m in Utah and I posted this:
Location: Springdale, Utah
Date: July 30th to August 3rd, 2022.
Lets meetup for coffee or a meal!

You could meet for coffee or a meal in Cincinnati with a pet sitter who maybe pet sitting there. They may also be a home owner and need a sitter sometime from where ever they are from.
Also a local home owner may see your post and contact you to "interview’ you.

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I think everything in your profile is really perfect except some of the pics. I’d get rid of the first one of you in uniform since it comes across as a bit severe, contrary to what others have suggested. The second one of you smiling big is so perfect as a main pic! Also the one with what looks like worms or snakes might be a bit jarring to some folks…so maybe get rid of that one too unless you are targeting sits with that kind of pet. Good luck and welcome…you will do great I am sure!

Thanks for the helpful tips. I really didn’t want to use my uniform pic but several in the group suggested that I use the uniform pic. I have a pic that is a little less serious to post. Maybe I’ll switch it out for that one. The worms are a hobby of mine. I am a bird lover and they seem to like them as a treat! I’ll consider changing it after a few weeks.

Hey Pamela,

sorry for the late response. I’m getting ready to retire and things are quite hectic at work, home, and with family matters constantly taking up much of my time…let’s just say, I’ve been busy.

I just completed my first housesit. Thanks for the tip!


Yay! That’s great news @greergoneusa! Thanks for letting us know. Congratulations early on your up-coming retirement, too!

Hi greergoneusa. Congratulations on your first pet sit! I am on my way to a pet sit now. I am bring a friend along with the home owner permission. With a friend I can take pet sits further away by spliting the drive and the gas. Pamela

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