A Shelter Rescue Crisis .... 400 Dogs Needing Help

The Animal Pad https://theanimalpad.org in San Diego California, a volunteer only rescue organization, are currently involved in a crisis rescue operation to save 400 dogs from the most unimaginable conditions … When one of our own team members, Julie, who serves as both a Community Coordinator and a volunteer with TAP, brought this heartbreaking situation to our attention, we knew we had to take action to try and help.

… we will let @Julie_A pick up the conversation:

“Spreading the word would help tremendously. People can donate from all over the world through our website. We have to feed over 400 dogs, we have to provide medical care to all of them, vetting supplies, cleaning supplies… its way worse than we thought :sob: I’m normally pretty tough when it comes to stuff like this, but I feel completely broken this week. The stuff we have seen is horrible. But if we don’t help them, they will die. Some already have. If everyone can please share and encourage people to donate or purchase items off our wishlist. We need fosters, we need more rescues to take some of the dogs, we need volunteers at the shelter in Mexico to help us feed and medicate everyone. I’ve never seen anything like this. My heart is so broken” @Julie_A

The task is monumental … Imagine this administering just $100.00 worth of basic vet care to each of 400 dogs = 40 Thousand Dollars and these poor creatures have had NO basic vet care, ever, add to that food, water and shelter and the cost just spirals.

We understand that not everyone may be able to contribute directly, and that’s okay. Your support can still make a significant impact. By sharing this message with others, you expand the reach of our collective efforts, inspiring more individuals to lend a helping hand.

Donations can be made via TAP’s website https://theanimalpad.org/

Thank you for being part of our community, together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these animals without a voice … or a choice, let’s make the right one for them THIS TIME.

TrustedHousesitters Team

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Thank you for sharing @Angela_L and thank you to those of you who have reached out :green_heart:

You can learn more about the emergency rescue mission here:

Since last week aound 200 dogs have been placed in foster homes or transported to reputable rescues who have stepped in to help us. We still have about 200 more dogs that need to be saved. If anyone in the Southern California area is interested in fostering please apply here: Dog Foster Application | The Animal Pad Dog Rescue or help spread the word by sharing our story, and encourage other reputable rescues to help by taking in some of these sweet pups.


@Julie_A, thank you for all your love and hard work for these animals. And thank you to your whole team at The Animal Pad.

The YT 2’ news video was informative to watch.

I shared on FB. I’m personally not ready to foster a dog (if anything my landlord wouldn’t allow it), but I look forward to making a donation to The Animal Pad later today, to help cover all those emergency expenses.

I’m glad that most, if not all, of those dogs are on their way to a better life than just a month ago!


What a generous thing to do @geoff.hom! Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed to do what I can. I can’t foster or volunteer person-power, so I too have made a donation. Keep up the great work @Julie_A.


Thank you so much for all of the support! Every penny helps. Here’s an update interview regarding the emergency rescue:

If any THS members happen to be in San Diego or around Ensenada Mexico and you are interested in volunteering, please let me know and I will get you connected with our rescue team.


Donation made, thank you for helping these pups! :heart:


@Julie_A Thank you and everyone at the Animal Pad for all that you do. Just donated and after the donation, it shows you all the cute adoptable at the bottom of the page, one day!!!
Hope they find amazing homes :heart: :paw_prints:


Thank you so much for the support! Out of the 400 dogs we found there, we only have 129 left that still need a rescue or foster. We won’t stop until each and every dog is safe and in a loving home. Slowly but surely we will save these innocent lives.


@Julie_A: Thank you for the update! I was wondering what the latest was, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

I was also thinking about the recent post on the 19-year-old foster in Dallas that lived a year (when expected to live only a month). The woman said something like, “Adopt if you can. Else, foster. Else, volunteer. Else, donate. Everyone can do something.” It’s a good challenge.

I assume there will always be pets needing rescue, so each day is another step in the adventure. But when you help those last dogs from this batch, that sounds like a milestone to celebrate!

Thank you again for loving these “lost” dogs. Thank you to you and your team. The dogs know.


Thank you @geoff.hom it will definitely be a milestone. We are almost there. Just under 100 dogs left awaiting foster or rescue.

And you are absolutely right. Everyone can make a difference. If they can’t adopt they can foster, if they can’t foster they can volunteer, if they can’t volunteer they can donate, if they can’t donate they can educate and share. Simply spreading the word can make all the difference.


@Julie_A: Thanks for sharing the update video. FYI to others, it’s a great video from a San Diego news station from July 11, and it’s only 2’.

You’re so right about spreading the world. I didn’t even know fostering was an option for pets until I was in my mid-30s. If I had known earlier, I would’ve fostered a cat or two when I was able.

And I didn’t know that fostering can be free! Do you mean that you guys also include the food and gear (e.g., cage/bowls/toys)? Is that just for this Ensenada rescue, or in general?


I foster a lot in Dallas, usually cats. Fosters normally provide their own food and other supplies but the rescue or shelter pays for all vet care. Some rescues can help with food and supplies if the fosters can’t manage it. However, most rescues are all volunteer-run with limited resources. I’ve seen people post Amazon wish-lists or similar requests on social media to help fund their rescue efforts. Usually if someone says they need supplies for a foster, they get lots of donations


Great question @geoff.hom :slight_smile: It all depends on the rescue. All rescues are different and have their own policies and procedures.

The Animal Pad dog rescue is a volunteer run and donation based rescue, but they still provide 100% of the supplies you’ll need and 100% of any medical costs while you foster. So fostering through them is completely free, they just ask that you supply a safe and loving home. If you are interested in learning more about The Animal Pad specifically, you can watch their video below.

@Lassie thank you so much for fostering! I enjoy seeing your pictures and hearing your foster stories. I wish more people would open up their heart and their home to help an animal in need like you have. :green_heart: :dog: :cat:


If you’re in the San Diego area next weekend stop by our THS event in pawtnership with The Animal Pad dog rescue. This fundraiser and adoption event will feature some of the adoptable dogs rescued from the fake shelter in Mexico. Come meet these resilient pups and help us raise money to support the remaining dogs still needing rescue.

Hope to see you there!


@Julie_A I certainly wish I could be there! You guys do great and amazing work and I am proud to know you!


The pups of summer are here!

In partnership with TrustedHousesitters, The Animal Pad is hosting an adoption event for some of our most recent rescues from the shelter formerly known as Ellos Son La Razon (ESLR).

This pool pawty themed adoption event will feature treats for humans, dog treats from Dexter’s Deli, a raffle (including a 1 year membership to TrustedHousesitters), TAP merch for sale, and pools for pups to take a dip! @debbiedoesdrawings will also be at the TrustedHousesitters booth so be sure to stop by for a free caricature sketch of your pet!

You’ll find us at the Amici Park Amphitheater (1660 Union St 92101) right next to the famous Little Italy Farmers Market from 10am-1pm. Just look for The Animal Pad and TrustedHousesitters canopies.


Thank you @Debbie-L the support means so much! Wish you could join us :green_heart:

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