A slew of cancellations


We’ve had a few sits cancel on us recently (we are in the US and the homeowners were going to either Florida or Hawaii), but the most recent cancellation is for a sit that was supposed to start in 4 days. They had to cancel because their trip to Uzbekistan was cancelled. Not much they can do about that, but it still sucks all around.

Trying to see this as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience, but I keep thinking “I’m going to be homeless in four days”!


If you have a sit coming up, it might be worth checking in with them to ask how they are feeling about their upcoming travels.

And if you have a premium membership, check the fine print. You can’t get reimbursed for accommodation unless you book your last minute hotel in the same city where the house sit was supposed to be.

So to take advantage of this premium benefit, we would have to fly to another city where there is literally nothing but this house sit, find a hotel, rent a car, and live there until we figure out our next steps. And then fly to that next destination as I’m 100% sure nothing will come up in Silver City, NM in the next two weeks, if ever.

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Sorry to hear about your sit cancellations, it’s certainly a more difficult time, even though restrictions have eased for many, things can change so suddenly at the moment. Having that positive approach is great and I admire you for it, but I know also that “impending homeless” worry as full-time sitters… we had that several times last year, so do feel for.

Backup plans for us full-timers are so important and like you we’ve adopted a plan of checking in regularly to get a sense of what happening in the minds of our owners. We are fortunate we have found a long term sit now, but at some stage we will be back on the road. Sound advice re insurance fine print… always a good idea for any insurance to read the T&Cs ahead of needing to use it.