Owner cancelled 15 days before sit was due to start

Just a momentary vent. I had an owner just cancel 15 days before the sit was due to start. I guess that’s a no for at least trying to claim insurance. Argh it’s so frustrating!! The premium membership just isn’t worth it.

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Still time to find another hopefully. Hoping you didn’t pay for flights etc though?

Paid for a night accomodation the night before so I could be there nice and early the day of (as requested). Thankfully didn’t prepay for anything else.


Pitfalls of the job, I’m afraid. I’ve been lucky in that, having done over 50 house sits, I’ve never had someone cancel. I’ve had owners tweak their dates at the last minute, which can be irritating, but you have to just shrug these things off. :man_shrugging:

So the HO made you pay for a stay in paid accommodation. And then cancelled on you?

That is very unfair.