A special kind of "warm" greeting

Our family started a new sit a couple days ago. Their huge puppy gave me a very warm greeting. I was sitting on a bench inside petting him and he said “welcome!” by peeing on my feet :joy:. Puppies, what can we say

Oh, heavens! I hope this Is not a sign of things to come. It’s a behavioral issue, the dog can be submissive or anxious or if the dog is marking, it could be territorial. Ask the owners if this is habitual and if so, what they are doing to curtail it. And you can read up on it and see if there are any interventions you can do.

He’s a puppy so I assume he’s learning to control his bladder. I did speak with the homeowner as he pees when nervous, happy to see you, playing, etc. My teens did ask why he pees so much. I asked them “did you come into this world knowing how to use the toilet? Or did you potty train to do it?” They got the idea after that. They’ve been really great about cleaning up the pee.


You’ve been christened!!!

Yes, I’ve cleaned up pee before but never peed on. Well, I take that back, my first son peed on my face when I was changing his diaper once.

He was just “marking his new territory”. Sorry, not funny, but just a little since we have had this happen to us as well…not on a sit but at friends home and their new furbaby.

It was absolutely funny. The whole family was bursting out in laughter and I was too. He’s very big in size but still a puppy. I’m a mom, nothing really grosses me out too much. Although one of the cats killed a squirrel and put it right by the front porch. Oh well, thank goodness I have the kids. 1 cleans up the pee, the other takes care of dead cat preys

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